Pet Talks: Eight Essential Things You Need To Have Being A Kitten Owner

Adopting a kitten and welcoming him to your home is an exciting experience for any pet owner. Kittens are so playful and active and not to mention, extremely adorable. However, as with all other pets, kittens require a lot of care, responsibility, and attention. They are dependent on us to keep them healthy and happy, which is why you need to have all your kitten supplies ready before bringing them home.

By preparing for your kitten’s arrival beforehand, you can make the experience of settling down in a new place a lot less stressful for your cat. Moreover, you will feel relaxed knowing that you have everything your kitten needs during those initial days.

To help you out, here we have a list of eight essential supplies you will need to give your furry friend a healthy start in their new home:


First things first, you will have to bring your kitten home in a carrier, so invest in one that is secure, sufficiently ventilated and roomy, so that the kitten will feel at ease. As traveling with a stranger can be a scary experience for a kitten, try getting a towel from her former home and placing it inside the carrier so that the kitten has a familiar scent to comfort him on the way home.


One of the benefits of having a cat as a pet is that they like to get down to business in the same place every time. It means you are unlikely to have to scoop poop from random spots around the house. All you need is a litter box in the right place.

There are a wide variety of kitty litter options. From disposable litter boxes to automated poop-handlers, you can choose whichever option suits your budget and personal preferences. Or should we say your kitten’s preferences because some cats have specific choices when it comes to kitty litter? If you find that your kitty is continually going outside the box, it might be best to switch to another brand of litter. Once you find the right one, your kitten should have no problems going in her litter box.

  1. FOOD

There is a wide range of cat food in the market. As kittens have specific dietary requirements, it is always a good idea to consult with the vet regarding the kind of food that will be best for your kitten based on his age. However, during those first few days, you should try and stick to the same diet your kitten previously used to get fed at his former home and shelter. The early few days in a new home are stressful enough for a kitty, and you don’t want to add to it by introducing a completely new diet.


When we talk about food and water bowls for cats, stainless steel is the best option as it is easy to sterilize and clean. Plastic containers tend to retain smells, which many cats find unpleasant. They can also serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause feline acne. Make sure to choose a bowl that isn’t easy to tip over and one that has a shallow design to allow easy access to food.


Most cats like having their bed to sleep in, but you will have to wait and see if this is the case with your kitty. Some kittens would much rather sleep with you in your bed. So, it is best not to invest in any fancy bedding at the beginning. A simple bed is all you need for those first few days. Again, you will find lots of options – choose one that is warm and soft and place it in a less crowded corner of the home for privacy and seclusion.


Kittens are curious to explore new places, and they are experts at hiding! Therefore, it is essential to invest in a collar with a bell so that you can quickly locate your kitten whenever he is out of sight. Make sure the collar is lightweight and comfortable and has an identification tag. Have him wear it from day one so that he gets used to it.


If you wish to protect your furniture, it is necessary to have a scratching post. Kittens love to scratch, and they will be looking for the ideal place to do it as soon as they get inside. If you don’t have a location set out for this purpose, it is your furniture and curtains that will come under attack.

If you have sufficient space, consider getting a cat tree. Cat trees are ideal for playing, scratching, and exercising, and even relaxing or napping, which makes them a kitty essential.

  1. TOYS

Kittens have tons of energy, and they love to play, which means it is essential to have a variety of toys for them. They love pouncing, so balls and catnip-filled mice serve as excellent options. Simple, everyday items like a piece of string and a soft cotton-ball can also keep a kitten entertained for hours. Just make sure not to get any toys with small parts as they can be a choking hazard.


A little bit of planning and shopping ahead of time is all you need to make your kitten feel at home from the moment it steps into your house. Follow the above advice, and your relationship with your new best friend is sure to start on the right track!

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