Pertinent Things to Consider While Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Atlanta

Atlanta, the peach of the American South, is an ideal place to plan a wedding. The capital city of Georgia offers endless opportunities for photo-worthy locations to celebrate the new milestone in your relationship. It is a blend of quiet countryside and impressive city views, with places like Sweetcreek State Park and Centennial Olympic Park.

After fixing a splendid location for your wedding photoshoot, your next step is to hire one of the best Atlanta wedding photographers in The Big A. The photographers here are experts at capturing the mesmerizing water and cityscape views that make for stunning photography. Here are some aspects to consider while hiring a wedding photographer for your D Day.


Every wedding has a budget, and the photographer’s fees have to be in line with your overall expenses.

On average, the wedding photographers at Atlanta charge between $2,000 to $6,000.

In ATL, most of them charge a flat fee to document your event. However, some choose portrait collections at an additional cost.

Typically, the photography/videography costs comprise 10% to 12% of your total wedding budget.


Apart from covering your engagement and wedding ceremonies, your wedding photographer will work with you for various theme-based photoshoots. You might schedule these photoshoots on different dates and timelines.

One of the favorite venues of Atlanta wedding photographers is Ventanas in the Centennial Park District since it has a helipad with a full 360 view of the city. Getting an opportunity to do a photo shoot at this location is every Atlanta wedding photographer’s dream.

Coordinate with the photographer to fix the schedule, while you book the venues for your wedding photoshoots.


A wedding photographer can trip and fall during the session, and there are chances for their gear to break.

Many venues in Atlanta require photographers to have insurance if anything were to go wrong. Check whether the photographer has insurance coverage to avoid complications.

Typically, the photographers here have liability and equipment insurance, included in their fee.


The Big Peach boasts wedding photographers with an experience of over 30 years.

With the competency these photographers have, they can turn even a place like the Ponce City Market into a venue that can brighten up your gorgeous photos!

Having a look at their portfolio, you can understand how they have captured other events. The experienced photographers in Atlanta know the best locations in and around the city. Be it the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or Stone Mountain; they can bring the best of the two worlds in your framed wedding photos.

Equipment and Tech-Savviness

Whether you collaborate with a freelancer or an experienced wedding photographer, ensure they have the right gear and knowledge that justifies the price tag.

Generally, photographers in The Big A carry more than one camera to document your day, offering all edited high-resolution digital photo files. Besides, you can also avail of the wedding photo album set ( 12×12, 2-8×8, 6×6).

From the Piedmont Park to Downtown Decatur, Atlanta offers an urban and vibrant backdrop for candid wedding photographs. The wedding photographers’ prices are 4% below the U.S. national average. Make sure you choose a wedding photographer, who knows the latest trends, to show off your fairytale in the making.

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