Packing Services Toronto: Tips on How to Pack China and Dishware When Moving

China and dishware are fragile and can easily break when moving. Therefore, they need to be packed well using professional packing services Toronto. Do not feel ashamed or guilty of overpacking them. You can even use extra paper and bubble wraps.

Packing your china with a newspaper will leave an ink residue, which gives you more work of washing it off, and since dishwashers cannot do it, you will be forced to do it using your hands. But why all this hassle when you can hire packing services Toronto to do the work for you? Check more here.

  1. What To Wrap Your China And Dishware In For Safety

If you do not want to hire packing services Toronto, you can save yourself from purchasing bubble foils or papers and use clothing, towels, or washcloths to cover your dishware securely. This also reduces the stress of boxing them up and also cleaning up the ink residue.

Start packing the dishes in the box by lining them up using cloth materials, a crumpled paper, or a bubble wrapper. Put the dishes into the box, lying on their side, for more protection. Wrap the corners of the box to ensure your dishware is safe even when hit by something.

Place more creased paper and cardboard on top of the box if it is small and wrap it with tape. This is a sure way to secure your dishware. It is also safer to put bubble wraps after every tier of dishes. For more security, use crushed or bubble paper to align the 4 sides and the box’s top. Seal the top of the box and put the correct labels on it.

  1. How To Pack Saucers & Plates

Stack saucers of the uniform size and shape up to 6 or 8 inches high. Use paper or foam-foil plates for more security when stacking the saucers. Using a big piece of paper, wrap the stack into a bundle and put a label on them.

Wrap the bundle using two (or three) other papers for more safety to the saucers. Place cardboard or a bunched-up paper at the bottom of the box you are packing them, and place the bundle on its side standing up. Place all the stacks you have made in this manner close to each other.

Putting them flat on the bottom endangers the plate to the bottom when pressure is inserted into the box. You don’t need extra pudding when placing the bundles next to each other. For more safety, place cardboard at the upper side and bottom of the carton. You may as well use cloth or towels.

You should not add cups or glassware to that box because they could break due to the plate’s weight. Tape and label the box when you are done packing.

  1. Transporting Cups And Bowels

Wrap cups with two paper sheets and heap them in a box. Ensure you stack them vertically and not on their sides since they can easily break on their side position. Wrap the bowels too in two sheets of paper and stack the bundle in a separate box. Have you seen eggs stacked in a crate? They are put in their strongest vertical position to avoid breakages and stack up to 6’ up without breaking.

  1. Box-In-Box Packaging

This method is used to move very fragile and expensive items. You first begin by wrapping the things by use of a crushed paper or bubble wraps. You could also use a light cloth to pack the items. After the first box is packed, seal it and pack it in a giant box to add protection to the items. If there are bumps on the road when moving, your items are secured enough and will not break.

  1. Packing Tureens & Platters

Packing services Toronto packs large china items, platters, and tureens in heavy-duty boxes, not the normal ones you pack the cups and saucers in. Use more bubble papers or cloths to wrap the items and stack more materials inside the box for more protection. You can use crumpled paper, bubble wrapper, or cardboard to secure the top of the box.

China and dishware are very fragile and delicate, and packing them for moving is challenging. However, if you don’t trust your packing skills, you can contact professional packing services Toronto to help with the process. They also do Toronto move-out cleaning. However, you will incur a certain charge, so you should be prepared financially.

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