Owning an Apartment in NYC

If you can make it in New York, you can make it in any part of the world – that’s a wise saying. And being successful in the Big Apple includes owning a home. New York City is one of the busiest cities in the United States, maybe even the world, but hunting for NYC apartments doesn’t need to be a hassle if you have the right resources.

From finding the right apartment to getting the best deal, Fodyo is a fantastic real estate assistant and a saving grace from the hustle and bustle of the thriving New York real estate market. The Fodyo portal is your virtual tool guide on the location, pricing, and stage of construction of the best apartments for sale.

The Challenges of Owning an NYC Apartment

More than two-thirds of New Yorkers live in rented apartments. This is because most people in the city believe that the stress and costs of owning a home aren’t worth their while. In a city where people earn an average of about $58,000, buying apartments above the $1 million mark seems like a difficult feat to achieve.

However, not every NYC home costs $1 million. The high-end streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens may be on the more expensive side, but the city is much bigger than just these neighborhoods. By using a great real estate partner like Fodyo, you get a wide variety of the best homes in various locations. There is an option to filter out apartments based on geographical and budget preferences.

Why You Should Consider Buying an NYC Apartment

The current real estate situation gravitates in favor of buyers with regards to interest rates and negotiating power. Apart from being free from rental home concerns, there are significant tax benefits for apartment owners in New York. Being a homeowner comes with a tax break, which helps you save on costs.

New York mortgage facilities might be the most favorable in the country. You don’t need to have a perfect credit score to apply for one as there are solutions available for a wide range of loan seekers.

The city is filled with business savvy individuals, so it offers the chance to build some investment through rentals to other residents. Plus, the average price compounded over the last 15 years rose 5%, so New York real estate is an investment you don’t want to pass up.

Available Apartments in NYC

You can find various kinds of New York housing solutions at the best prices at Fodyo. Whether you are searching for second-hand houses, new developments still under construction or those newly completed. The most popular options available to aspiring homeowners include:

  • Condos,
  • Co-ops,
  • Single-family homes,
  • Town Houses,
  • Lofts,
  • Luxury villas.

The New York real estate market never sleeps, sellers are always selling, and buyers are still buying. Don’t let the real estate jitters get to you. If you’re wondering when the best time is to become a New York homeowner, there is no better time than now.

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