Oris Watchmaker: Early History, Facts and Devices

The position where the Oris brand is today is not achieved in one night. It takes years of hard-working and mastery in craftsmanship to make Oris one of the most-popular luxury watchmakers among the watch enthusiasts. The brand has a tradition in making functional timepieces in addition to elegant designs and where it comes to the quality of timepieces, there is no compromisation in selecting the materials.

The brand’s tag “Go on Your Way” reflects the fact that it doesn’t rely on others, the path is not followed while the path is defined. The timepieces manufactured at the company are equipped with optimal precision-based calibers and with in-home movements. The company has also a hand in making high-quality tools for watches.

But a question remains here, how does it become so famous? What are the people behind? Let us explore the unique and long-tail history of the Oris.

Brief Early History of Oris

Paul Cattin and George Christian were the men behind and known as the founder of the Oris. The Swiss town of Holstein is where the brand has been located since 1904.


It is the era in making the company one of the top-ten luxury watchmakers at the end of the 1960s. The company was founded in 1904 in Holstein, it is where the history began. The main factory was established in Holstein and a second one was built in Holderbank in 1906. The expansion of Oris continued over time, it started making timepieces In bulk, with over 300 It became the largest employee hiring factory in 1911.

From 1904 to 1905 it expanded itself with making sister factories all over the famous places to increase its production, these factories were full of high-quality mechanisms and had everything needed to make high-quality products.

Factories by 1925

  • Hölstein -190,
  • Holderbank -1906
  • Como -1908
  • Courgenay -1916
  • Herbetswil -1925 (The Electro-plating Factory)
  • Ziefen -1925.

The company started production of high-quality luxury watches and by giving it a luxury look, bracelet buckles were also developed.

Death of George Christian

George Christian, Company’s cofounder died in 1927, his dedication to the company and passion in making high-quality timepieces will never be forgotten. He was the man of words and was the reason where Oris today is.

Dial Factory

The brand’s own dial company was manufactured in 1936 in Bienne, From the start, brands were following his tagline to go on your way and so start production in-home mechanism.

Following this tradition, Oris introduced its first escapements movement in 1938.

Oversized Crown

Inspired by aviation, the first pilot edition was introduced in 1938. It was equipped with an oversized crown and was the reason the collection was named after. A pointer calendar was also seen in it. This timepiece was the reason the Oris is so much famous among pilots and was the base to start production of high-quality timepieces to fly high in the sky over the wrist of professional pilots.

World War 2: A time of decline

WW2 was considered as a time of decline, as the distribution of timepieces beyond the state was restricted, it was the time for the company to pick an option to maintain its principle position, So, it started production of additional products like Alarm clocks which were made by the same mechanism and quality. At the end of the 1940s, an 8-day clock named after the long-lasting power-reserve of eight days was introduced.

The company also introduced a pin-lever movement in 1945, it was later awarded for being as accurate as an escapement movement.

The 1950s is the era when the company introduced its first automatic movement-based timepiece which was originally powered by 601 calibers, a highly accurate caliber of the brand.

Introduction to the legendary diving watch

The company, today is also known for making a high-quality diverse collection. But the original one was introduced in 1965, a masculine timepiece of the series with a water resistance feature of 100m. It was also covered with a luminescent material over numerals to increase readability.

The company started manufacturing chronographs, the first chronometer was introduced in 1967 as a result of the reversing of watch statues which keep it restricted for the brand to make new technologies for more than 30 years. Oris became one of the top-ten luxury watch manufacturers by the end of the 1960s and bulk of timepieces were distributed across different states.

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