Organizing Tips: How to Make Your Kitchen Clean and Organized

Your kitchen is an essential part of the house because it’s where you prepare and make food. To organize it efficiently, you have to maximize the use of its floor space and manage your storage.

Under-Sink Slider

The first thing you need to do for a great kitchen storage system is by using a slider under your sink. People’s standard items under their sink are cleaning products, stray glasswares, or garbage bins. With the use of a slider under your sink, you are ensured that your sprays, detergents, cleaners, and sponges are kept organized and tidy. This type of product comes in different sizes, varies from 14.5 to 11.5 inches. Before you purchase one, you need to make sure that you measure your kitchen’s dimension.

Place More Shelves

For everything to be organized in your kitchen, you have to place shelves floating beside your cabinets if those cabinets are crowded with dishware or appliances. A floating shelf can help you accommodate the excess items in your cabinet. You can easily store pepper and salt shakers, fresh fruits, and coffee makers that you always use and within your reach, leaving your counter space available for food preparation.

Use Drawer Dividers

Using a drawer divider will help you organize similar items in a single location of the drawer. With that said, it’s easy to place your hands in the right spot where your tools or utensils are kept safely. With this type of storage item, your belongings won’t get piled chaotically, and they won’t slide around the drawers.

Add More Drawers to The Cabinets

Another smart way to organize the things in your kitchen is to consider installing many drawers in your cabinet. With this method, it’s easy to transform your cabinets into a typical storage place that allows everyone to utilize the cabinet space as much as possible. If you use a heavy-duty drawer, it can accommodate larger and heavier items like pans and pots, while a standard drawer can hold small and light items.

Maximize the storage of your kitchen by placing every item you do not always use in high-placed cabinets. You also need to install cabinets in a higher place that will stretch in the ceiling. With that, you can add more space for storage than you can imagine.

Out in the Open

You have the option to showcase your food by displaying them in your containers, either in the counters or cabinets. Use boxes and cans to have stylish storage that will complement you and your kitchen style while enabling you to reach the ingredients that you need every time.

Store all of the frequently used baking recipes like brown sugar, oats, and flour in a squat or short jar. If you want to use jars, make sure that they are sealed so that your ingredients will remain fresh and stay longer. Start stashing potatoes, onions, and other root ingredients in durable clay crocks or wooden bins.


With the help of this guide, you can keep your kitchen clean and tidy when you use it. Following the steps in this list will ensure that you maximize your kitchen space and have a great storage system. Start doing the process so that there will be less stress when you are in the kitchen.

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