Online Interior Designing Platforms Debate – Spacejoy vs Modsy

Are you designing a room for your kid from scratch? Do you find it an arduous task? Are you unsure as to how you can start a home renovation process?

With the advent of technology, massive progress has been observed in the field of interior design. Several new designing technologies have been introduced to make the entire design process more relaxed and better.

Don’t waste your energy in creating a beautiful space on your own; hire a professional interior designer and make your life easy. It is crucial to opt for platforms that promise to provide efficient work at a reasonable price point and pay full attention to your needs.

I jotted down a general overview regarding two top-class interior designing platforms, i.e. Spacejoy vs Modsy.


Modsy is compounded by expert designers who can be hired at any time. Their ideas and practical application of the topic of ‘Do It Yourself’ to the home interiors is commendable.

You can say it acts as a third-medium between the professional designer and your ideas. They provide a design idea in 3D by considering your preferences and budget matching your sense of style. As they offer a 3D design, then from there you can make amendments in the suggested design plan according to your choice and even purchase the desired furniture.

I jotted a few points that will assist you in making the right choice when it comes to Spacejoy vs Modsy.


3D services:

Forget the sketch of flat design because Modsy offers the design model in a realistic 3D image. This free of cost service allows you to really enjoy the design process with the freedom to make alterations.

A Diverse range of brands and their products:

A fantastic feature provided by Modsy is the availability of different furniture items in the 3D design image. You can opt to purchase all or any one of the items as they are rare and available to only the customers of Modsy. Moreover, they also offer discounts on the listed products.

Unlimited access to editing tools:

Do you want to try something new? No worries, because Modsy allows its customers to use the editing tools and try novel layouts. Not only that, Modsy but also assists the customers in editing designs.

If you are not satisfied with this activity, they give you the liberty to revise the design according to your taste. If still, a problem seems unresolvable, Modsy refund the customer the entire consultation fee paid.


It is an online interior designing platform that provides better services than any other. Most of the time, Spacejoy is used by the customers after being unsatisfied with the other services online. Although Modsy offers terrific services, some decrements have been observed.

I jotted a few points that will assist you in making the right choice when it comes to Spacejoy vs Modsy.


One on one interaction with Professional Designers:

Spacejoy’s team of professional online designers will always be available to assist you in remodelling your home. With their help, you can remodel just about any room at a very reasonable price.


Spacejoy charges a minimal consultation fee depending upon the package you select. Additionally, they even provide you with a plethora of furnishing options for your space as per the requested price point.

Remodelling old furniture:

In the Spacejoy vs Modsy debate, Spacejoy takes the cake with its feature of remodelling old furniture. If you are planning on re-using old furniture to design a space, Spacejoy helps you in that aspect as well. This rare feature is what makes Spacejoy really stand out compared to Modsy and other online interior design platforms.


In a nutshell, you can avail of the services of any interior designer platforms depending upon your requirements. In a Spacejoy vs Modsy comparison, I’d highly recommend Spacejoy, as it is pocket-friendly & has multiple other offerings that the other platforms are not providing.

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