Onic Pakistan: A New Service In the Digital Era

Onic Pakistan is a digital telecommunication service that provides unbeatable rates, quick SIM delivery, and easy activation. In this blog post, you will get some guidelines for getting and activating Onic Pakistan. You will also discover some helpful monthly and weekly plans. 

This article will assist you if you want to check your call usage and data on Onic Pakistan. Some notable benefits provided by this digital service will also enhance your knowledge. If you’re going to get instructions regarding how to utilize and access Onic Pakistan’s customer support, this platform will assist you. 

Onic Sim Card in Pakistan

In Pakistan, ONIC SIM is becoming well-known. This innovative digital telephony service, Onic Pakistan, is renowned for its fast activation, quick support, and offline freedom. ONIC Sim has gained a lot of attention since its recent release. 

Disagreement between telecom networks and mobile service providers that promised to provide 20 GB for 123 rupees as soon as it arrived. Telenor, Mobilink, Zong, and Ufone are going to face significant losses. ONIC Telecom Network plans to begin serving Pakistan on August 14.

Experts predict that this network, which will use the signal from the Ufone tower, will perform better than all previous networks. The business claims users may purchase 20 GB of data for just Rs 123. Any company that doesn’t meet will either lose money or suffer a significant loss.

Name Onic Pakistan
TypeSIM Card
Release Recent
Plans Monthly or weekly
Purpose Mobile Service providing

How can you get the Onic Pakistan?

You can get the Onic Pakistan at your home. You have to follow the given instructions only. 

  1. Visit the Onic. pk or Download its app on your device.
  2. Using your Email ID, sign up for it.
  3. Browse through the available plans and pick the desired one. 
  4. Choose between eSim or physical SIM. 
  5. Pick the desired number; otherwise, you can transfer it to your current number.
  6. For the delivery of the SIM, provide your pickup address and the time when you are available. 
  7. To submit the order, please send the payment.

 After processing your order, a rider will come to the given address to deliver the Onic Pakistan and for biometric verification. To begin utilizing it, simply place the SIM on your phone and press the activate option in the app. 

How to activate the Onic Pakistan?

To activate the Onic Pakistan through its app, you have to complete your BVS verification successfully. After login, you can use the onic services by clicking the activate button. If you have any problem, you can contact your customer happiness team. 

Monthly Plans

There are three types of monthly plans: Iconic, Epic, and Limitless. These schemes will assist you in managing your monthly budget. 

Iconic Plan

You can only get the 100GB data for RS.1290 for the Iconic plan. By doing this, you can call anyone on any network unlimitedly and get 10,000 SMS. 


  1. In the app, the mobile number access point is present.
  2. The app gives the preferred number selection option.
  3. A 30-day 4G high-speed plan is offered.
  4. You can get a Physical or eSIM for free.
  5. Carry over any unused data.
  6. You don’t have to pay any hidden charges.
  7. If you order for the SIM, you can get free home delivery. 

Epic Plan

You can receive 30 GB of data with the Epic plan for only RS.890. You can get 5,000 SMS and call to any network without any limit.  


  1. You can get a Physical or eSIM for free. 
  2. In the app, the mobile number access point is present.
  3. The preferred number selection option is given by the app.
  4. A 30-day 4G high-speed plan is offered.
  5. You don’t have to pay any hidden charges.
  6. Carry over any unused data.
  7. If you order for the SIM, you can get free home delivery. 

Limitless Plan

With the Limitless plan, you can get only 200GB of data for RS.1590. You can conduct calls to any network without any limit and get 10,000 SMS. 


  1. A 30-day 4G high-speed plan is offered.
  2. You can get a Physical or eSIM for free. 
  3. You don’t have to pay any hidden charges.
  4. Carry over any unused data.
  5. In the app, the mobile number access point is present.
  6. The preferred number selection option is given by the app.
  7. You can get free home delivery If you order for the SIM.

Weekly Plans

Iconic Pakistan offers two plans, Ultimate and Maverick. You can manage your weekly budget with the help of weekly plans given in this post.

Ultimate Weekly plan

By using the Ultimate weekly plan, you can get 80GB of data for RS.450 only. By using this package, you can get 5000 SMS and 1000 all-network minutes.

  • 4G connectivity
  • Valid for seven days
  • Rollover unused data

Maverick Weekly plan

You can receive 40 GB of data through the Maverick plan for only RS.350. you can get all networks 500 minutes and 5000 SMS if you utilize this package on Iconic Pakistan. 


  • Validity for seven days
  • Rollover unused data
  • 4G connectivity

How to check your call usage and data on Iconic Pakistan?

To check your call usage and remaining or utilized data on Iconic Pakistan follow the instructions given below. 

  1. Open the app using your login information, such as user name and password. 
  2. After login, you will be pushed to the Dashboard; if not, locate and press this tab or link. 
  3. To reach the bottom of the dashboard, scroll down and look for the Usage logs. 
  4. Identify and click on the type of logs you require within the Usage Logs section, including data, voice, or SMS. 
  5. Select the time for which you want to obtain usage logs. This may include choosing a start or end date and selecting from predefined options. 
  6. Locate and click on the Get Logs button to initiate the process. 
  7. After doing this, the system will generate the logs and you will receive them in your email. For the usage logs, check the inbox. 

Benefits of using Onic Pakistan 

Onic Pakistan offers several notable advantages, but a few of them are discussed in the description below. 

  • 100% digital experience
  • No balance shocks
  • Onic is simple
  • Unlimited service
  • Digital Customer services
  • Fairness in every transaction
  • Off-net liberty
  • Assist swiftly
  • Home delivery
  • Carried data

What services does Onic Pakistan provide? 

Onic Pakistan provides convenient voice and data add-ons to complement your mobile plans. These can be discussed in the below description. 

Voice add-ons

You can get access to a 100-minute talk period for only RS. 100 for weekly service. For RS.50, you can enjoy 40 minutes of talk time daily.  

Data add-ons

You can enjoy only 10GB of data for weekly service, costing Rs.240. you can get 1GB of data daily for RS.40 only. 

Make sure you have an active plan if you want to purchase these add-ons. You can enhance your mobile experience with flexible and affordable add-ons of Onic. 

How to utilize and get access to Onic Pakistan’s customer support?

For your convenience, several appealing options are available to reach the customer’s support.

  1. On Onic Pakistan’s official site, you can access the live chat support feature for real-time assistance. 
  2. During the time 8 am to 12 pm is the time for doing this. 
  3. You can send an email for any inquiry or support you require. 
  4. To speak directly with the representatives of customer support, call 051-111-339-111 for 24/7. 
  5. For additional support and updates, connect with Onic Pakistan’s social media channels. 

How does Onic Pakistan work? 

Onic Pakistan is a digital platform that provides effortless accessibility and seamless connectivity. You can get endless opportunities for engagement, collaboration, and creativity whenever and wherever you want. This service offers simple, high data, and stress-free plans that are provided on a digital-first experience. 


A renowned company, Onic Pakistan, has been utilizing Ufone as its network provider.  In this blog post, you are provided with some guidelines regarding getting this service at your home and activating Onic Pakistan. 

This post also provides a few monthly and weekly plans offered by Onic Pakistan to assist your budget. This platform also provides some notable features. You can enhance your knowledge by learning about the services offered by Onic Pakistan. 

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