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Norstrat is an award-winning consulting firm that specializes in helping its customers with the implementation of parts of Canada’s Northern Strategy. Founded by Lee Carson, This firm has a proven track record as one of the leading providers of large infrastructure projects funded by governments across Canada. 

With over $200M in contracts and awards, Norstrat stands out from other consulting firms due to its dedication to providing high-quality services and expertise. This blog post will discuss what This firm does and why you should care about it. We will also provide insight into how Norstrat can help your business or organization reach its goals. So, let’s get started!

What is Norstrat?

Norstrat is a consulting firm dedicated to helping corporate companies, government bodies, and militaries achieve their goals through various strategies. Founded in Canada, it specializes in the “Northern Strategy” which the Canadian Government developed to drive economic growth and development in the North. The Northern Strategy is based on three core themes:

  1. Strengthening relationships with Indigenous peoples;
  2. Promoting economic development and resource management in the North; and
  3. Enhancing northern security to protect Canadians.

The company supports clients by providing strategic advice, research-based recommendations, and implementation support to help them achieve their desired outcomes. They offer custom-tailored services to meet their client’s specific needs and can guide in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning – Norstrat assists its clients in developing medium and long-term strategic plans aligned with their goals. The firm helps them analyze their current strategies, identify potential opportunities, develop action plans and assess their progress.
  • Risk Management – Norstrat advises clients on best practices for managing risks and potentially mitigating losses. They provide guidance on identifying and evaluating risks, developing risk management plans, implementing risk control measures, and monitoring the results.
  • Cost Reduction Strategies – Norstrat works with its clients to identify cost-saving measures and develop strategies to reduce costs. They also provide advice on how to improve profitability and lower expenses.
  • Human ResourcesNorstrat guides its clients through recruiting, training, and retaining talented employees. They can assist with setting up performance evaluation systems, developing job descriptions, and evaluating employee satisfaction.

What Is The History Of Norstrat?

The history of Norstrat has been filled with growth and expansion. It all began in Canada, where the small agency opened its doors. Since then, it has grown to include the United States and beyond, providing an extensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients from various industries.

This firm began as a strategic consulting firm and has since evolved into an integrated communications company that provides digital strategy, public relations, and social media marketing services. As it grew, its reach extended beyond Canada to other countries, allowing the company to expand its offerings and build relationships with businesses worldwide.

The company’s core mission is to provide effective communication and strategy services to clients. By staying focused on this goal, Norstrat has continually developed and continually refined its offerings. Additionally, the firm has acquired new clients and built an impressive client base.

The company seeks new opportunities and challenges to further its mission. It has developed innovative solutions and strategies that help clients achieve their marketing objectives. This is done through digital strategy, public relations, and social media marketing services. This firm also offers digital project management to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

In addition to its core services, This firm provides support for startups and small businesses. It offers a variety of resources designed to help these businesses reach their goals and grow. Through its advice and solutions, Norstrat has assisted many clients with achieving success in their respective industries.

What Is The Norstrat Northern Strategy?

The Norstrat Northern strategy is a strategic plan developed by the Canadian Government in 2007 to achieve specific objectives and priorities in four areas of the country: exercising Arctic sovereignty, promoting social and economic development, protecting environmental heritage, and improving and devolving northern governance. The strategy was designed to foster a stronger and more prosperous Canadian North.

The strategy was implemented to ensure the region’s development and prosperity while protecting its unique environment. This includes investments in infrastructure and communication, resource development opportunities, economic activity in traditional northern industries such as fishing and hunting, encouraging research, developing a northern energy industry, promoting renewable energy sources and tourism, establishing communities of excellence, and ensuring sustainability governance.

The strategy has been implemented to enhance the north’s role in international affairs, strengthen its economic base, build its capacity for long-term development and ensure continued territorial integrity. The Norstrat Company has been instrumental in helping to implement this strategy. It provides project planning, policy research and analysis, and capacity-building opportunities.

Services Offered by the Company

Services offered by Norstrat are of great significance to those interested in business enterprise, digital marketing, and public relations. This firm offers a wide range of services to help businesses meet their goals and objectives. Its project description and management support help companies plan their projects in the most efficient way possible by guiding the services that should be included and the best approach. 

Additionally, this company offers training courses in areas including leadership, business, franchising, entrepreneurship, and professional development. These courses assist students in acquiring the information needed to decide on a professional path wisely and keep them informed of new advancements in their industry.

The language-accessible version of FINVIZ that Norstrat provides is an intriguing service. It uses a variety of technologies, such as jQuery Migrate, GoDaddy DNS, Google Font API, and WordPress, to enhance the effectiveness of its services.

It has also developed a system to help oil companies acquire oil and gas deposits under the ocean floor and an underwater search system that uses satellite imagery. It has also become a key infrastructure for public health officials owing to its commissioning of many private-sector military productions.

Overall, Norstrat’s services are invaluable to businesses and organizations looking to achieve their goals promptly and efficiently. Its strategic partnership with Hill & Knowlton Strategies gives it access to a wide range of community service professionals, allowing Norstrat to offer its clients the best advice on creating successful Northern Strategy Campaigns. 

Norstrat also offers a variety of services and training programs that help individuals develop the skills necessary to make informed decisions regarding their career path. For these reasons, It is an invaluable partner for businesses, organizations, and professionals looking to succeed.

Where Are Norstrat Expertise?

Norstrat is a leading consulting firm offering expertise in northern strategy and business development. Its success rate in implementing the strategies and attaining business growth is almost zero. Norstrat has become an expert in various areas due to the successful implementation of the strategies over the years.

  • Business Growth Expertise: Norstrat has achieved a higher success rate in the Federal Government’s growth initiatives. They have adopted innovative operation strategies and achieved overall administration development. Its services help clients to maximize their return on investment, increase profitability and improve operational efficiency.
  • Project Management Expertise: Norstrat is highly experienced in project management due to its successful completion of many projects over the years. Its consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in project planning, budgeting, scheduling, risk management, and quality assurance. 

They use a systematic approach to ensure that all the objectives are achieved within the timeline and budget. Its services cover all aspects of the project from initiation to closeout so that the project is completed on time, within budget, and with high quality.

  • Focused Capital Project Expertise: Nordstrom has succeeded in various focused capital projects, such as the Radarsat Constellation Mission and the Radarsat II mission. It provides comprehensive services for capital projects involving cost and resource analysis, risk management, and capital planning. 

It can help clients to effectively manage their resources and maximize the efficiency of their projects. Norstrat also has a successful track record in the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel project, one of Canada’s most ambitious military shipbuilding programs.

Its services are not limited to just business growth, project management, and focused capital projects. Norstrat also provides various training programs such as leadership development workshops, professional development programs, business coaching programs, and executive coaching programs. It has a team of experienced professionals that can help clients develop their skills in management, strategy, leadership, and innovation.

What Can Norstrat Products Do For Your Business?

Norstrat Products offer several services that can help businesses in terms of strategic planning and growth. It is a global firm that works with U.S. and Canadian companies. Its products perfectly suit any business looking to make the most of its investments. Its consultants provide a wide range of services to help businesses achieve their objectives.

First and foremost, Norstrat provides strategic consulting services. Its consultants are experts in helping businesses build strong brands and expand their reach. Norstrat has extensive experience in launching new brands while also assisting with establishing strategic partnerships. 

Its consultants also have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in developing unified communication services (UC), which can be very beneficial for businesses looking to keep up with the latest trends. It also provides voicemail management services, which help businesses stay on top of their communications.

Norstrat is also experienced in helping companies integrate their systems. It can help businesses integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software, enabling them to manage customer relations better and provide a more streamlined experience for customers. 

Norstrat also provides consulting services tailored to each company’s specific needs, ensuring that any integration project runs smoothly. Its consultants are also experienced in helping businesses manage data, ensuring that all information is properly organized and stored.

In addition, Norstrat offers several services that can help businesses improve their processes and increase efficiency. Its consultants help streamline operations, assisting with developing systems that make it easier for companies to track their progress and measure performance. 

Norstrat also offers help with developing different strategies to improve customer service, ensuring that customers are satisfied with the experience they receive. Norstrat’s consultants can also assist in designing marketing campaigns, helping businesses target the right audience and increase their reach.

Additional Training Provided By Norstrat

Norstrat is an innovative training and consulting company that provides comprehensive training programs for professionals. Their comprehensive approach to providing learning opportunities has resulted in successful outcomes for individuals and businesses. Its additional training programs are designed to help individuals and organizations become more successful.

1. Their Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a comprehensive program that provides participants with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in an environment of continuous learning. The LDP teaches individuals how to manage, delegate, motivate staff, and develop their own personal competencies. 

This program is designed for current and aspiring leaders, allowing them to understand effective leadership principles and communication styles.

2. Norstrat has several additional training programs and workshops, including its Business Coaching Programs. These programs are designed to help individuals learn new skills and become more effective in the workplace. They provide tools and techniques that enable professionals to understand how to manage people, teams, and organizations effectively. 

The program also helps participants develop the confidence and knowledge required to lead and manage teams in today’s competitive environment effectively.

3. In addition, It also provides personal development counseling services. This service allows individuals to explore their challenges and learn to become more self-aware, giving them the tools to make better decisions for their future. 

Norstrat’s Partnership and Leadership Program is a nine-month program designed to help participants develop the skills necessary to become successful strategic consultants. This series of workshops explores the important aspects of consulting, including communications, project management, client relations, and problem-solving.

Whether you are an aspiring leader or an experienced professional, Norstrat’s additional training programs can help you to develop the skills and competencies needed for success. It is committed to providing quality training and consulting services that enable individuals and organizations to become more successful. It will help you to become more confident, competent, and successful in your chosen field.


Norstrat is an innovative, comprehensive strategy tool that can help you make better decisions and achieve greater success in your business. It offers a variety of features to assist with market research, competitive analysis, sales planning, and more. With Its cutting-edge analytics capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and develop effective strategies for growth. 

By using Norstrat’s powerful data visualizations and predictive models, businesses have the potential to identify new opportunities for increased ROI. Whether you’re just starting out or already established as a leader in your industry, It has the tools to take your business results to the next level.

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