New Decade Brings a New way to Travel. Six Things to Expect on a European River Cruise.

As we enter the new decennia, the ways we explore the world are changing too. Just like many other things, travel becomes much more personal and much more mindful. And as we slow down and focus, cruising the riverways is also becoming a popular way to discover Europe. Curious to know what are the buzz words of this new way to travel? Get detailed information about the European rules and regulations for foreigners, on this website: traveltvondemand

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No more best-of lists to rush after. Mindful travel means diving in the culture, taking time to explore the hidden gems, learning a few words in the country’s language and enjoying local and seasonal foods. Because on a European river cruise you don’t have to waste time serially checking in and out of accommodations or rush to catch a coach to your next destination, it immediately leaves you more time to enjoy the local culture.


Expert guides, passionate about their trade, are coming to replace generic umbrella-guided tours. Also, on small scale boutique cruises, guides usually travel along. This means that interesting conversations are no longer fragmented and limited strictly to the onshore excursion. Learn more about Six Things to Expect on a European River Cruise at

Comfortable, but informal

Not only your hotel travels with you, in 2020 more and more river cruise ships will become stylish luxury vessels. But no worries, you can leave your tuxedo at home. Unless it’s your proffered travel attire, of course.

How you spend your river cruise is completely your call

You’ve boarded the ship, and now it’s entirely up to you if you want to join the expert-guided tours onshore, go on a solo exploration of the sites, or spend your days relaxing on the deck with a cocktail in hand as you sail off to your next destination.

Season is a concept of yesteryear

In 2020 holiday season is finally 365 days long. Because every season has its spectacular highlights worth coming back for. So no more waiting long months to board that ship again.


European river cruise operators are constantly looking for ways to improve the service while being mindful of our planet. As the decade evolves, we are sure to be seeing sustainable initiatives becoming the mainstream way to develop.

New ways are thoughtful ways

There are many ways in which traveling and especially European river cruises are going to change in the coming years. No doubt, that the list of six concepts will grow to include more. It is too early to name them all, but one thing is sure, as we slow down the speed we travel at, we might just be getting to know the world a bit better.

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