Negative Effects of Working Mothers

Working mothers are a huge part of the workforce. Many mothers decide to get back to work after a few months of giving birth. Some may do so when their kids are at least five years old. These parents have different motives why they must do so. Regardless of their reasons, working as a mother has both advantages and disadvantages. If you are planning to become an employed mother, here are a few disadvantages and how to overcome them.

Less Time With Family

A regular full-time job usually requires eight hours a day, forty hours a week. Including the time spent on travel, the usual worker spends more than ten hours a day for work. More time at work means a mother will have less time to spend with her family and kids. Less time spent with children can considerably affect their growth.

You can solve this problem by compensating quantity with quality. Though difficult, it is possible. It will need a lot of planning to be done successfully. Must rich women will tackle the problem by hiring the best and the most recommended baby sitters. This is not a cheap solution, and you would need to have a very fat bank account or be among the 50 most popular women.

Being Overworked

Many mothers consider homemaking as a full-time job. It’s very tiring to have full-time employment. Imagine having two jobs at once. The situation will be worse if both parents are working, or for some reason, the husband can’t help out. Mothers will need to put double effort to raise their kids and support them financially. It can be mentally and physically exhausting.

While it is very challenging, setting up a schedule will help save time and effort. When both parents are working, communication and teamwork can lessen the strain to both parents.

Higher Chance of Health Problems

Since working full time as a parent and as an employee is exhausting, it may translate to less time for health. Some parents are so overworked that they may neglect their health. It can also cause stress to both of the parents. It becomes a bigger problem when the parents get sick.

Staying healthy is hard for a working parent. Regardless, parents should aim to be healthy. Their wellness can affect their children. If they’re unwell, their kids may become sick too.

Kids Will be Emotionally Distant

Another consequence of being a working mother is the possibility of the kids growing distant from parents. Because of work, they will have fewer opportunities to bond and understand their children. Because of the parents’ absence, kids may slowly drift away from their parents. They might turn to other people for emotional support. Worst case scenario, they might be involved with the wrong kind of people.

Working mothers can overcome the negative implications by spending time with their kids and being a friend when the kids need them. Other decide not to bother about having children as some women have done. Take the example Kelsey Henson, who decided to focus on her career without the worry of looking after a child.

Miss Their Kids’ Milestones

Working mothers can miss their children’s important life events. Some of these events include the possibility of not being able to hear their first words or witness their first steps. Because of work, they might not be able to attend school-related events, such as parent-teacher conferences. Special milestones such as these are some of the most important memories a mother can have.

For this to work out, a working mother may need to set aside time for these life-changing events. With a little time management, a working mother can counterbalance this disadvantage.

The Guilt of Not Being Able to Take Care of the Kids

Although not everyone feels it, working mothers may feel guilty about not being able to spend time with their kids. Some are unable to focus at work, thinking about their kids at home. Working mothers may also feel guilt by sending their kids to childcare centres instead of taking care of them.

Despite this, keep in mind that mothers only want what’s best for their children. You might need to sacrifice things to be able to raise them as responsible adults. In reality, there are also positive effects of working as a mother. It can instil life-changing values to your children.

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