Nature-inspired Interior: 8 Scented Flowers You Can Grow At Home


Everyone wants to smell the sweet and fresh scent of flowers at home. The scent makes them feel that they are living in a real outdoor garden. The bright, alluring flowers help homeowners to feel more relaxed.

The beauty of nature is therapeutic, and it’s not limited to the outdoors. You can cultivate your own garden inside the comfort of your home, and for sure, every corner will be filled with a sweet fragrance. Create a nature-inspired interior with these scented flowers below.


Tulips come in various shapes and colors, and you can find some that produce sweet, charming floral scents. Most Tulips have a honey-like and citrus-like aroma. Scented Tulips usually bloom in the spring months.

Once you place the plant inside a container, make sure that it is regularly watered twice a week. The pot should have enough drainage holes, and the soil should be checked regularly every five days to make sure that it does not dry out completely. Gardener’s Path has this excellent guide to help you grow beautiful tulips at home.


Scientifically known as Mentha spicata, Spearmint creates an additional vibe to your interior because of its minty scent. Its aroma can be compared to a peppermint that provides a cooling effect. This plant is mainly used in medicines due to its therapeutic properties.

For maintenance, place the Spearmint in a wide container and fill it with well-drained soil. You can place the plant in a sunny location to be properly exposed to the sun, but keep the soil moist for healthier leaves.

Lemon Balm

Aside from Spearmint, you can also try placing a Lemon Balm indoor as it also produces a mint-flavored and lemon scent. To release its pleasing aroma, just slightly rub the leaves. Lemon Balm is widely used in making some refreshing and cold drinks.

To properly grow your Lemon Balm at home, place it in a location where it can be exposed to extremely bright light. Never over-water the plant. Let the top of the plant’s soil dry first before you water it again.

Sweet Olive

Anyone can be captivated by its sweet aroma. The Sweet Olive plant is known for its charming scent that will last longer than other common indoor plants. Its flowers begin to blossom from September to April, giving you a lovely winter.

Ensure that the plant’s soil is moist at all times and place it in an appropriate place. You can also add a light fertilizer for greener and thicker leaves during springtime. However, if you notice that the leaves are becoming pale, you can put them in a full fertilizer.

Azores Jasmine

Azores Jasmine is known for its lovely scent that is almost similar to Gardenia flowers. If Rose is commonly associated with love, this Azores Jasmine symbolizes romance. Most perfume enthusiasts actually used the term “white flower” to characterize the Jasmine-like smell.

Azores Jasmine blooms every spring. You can place it in a southern-facing window to encourage booming growth. Make sure that the soil is well-drained. Maintain its moisture, but ensure that it’s not too soggy.

Scented Geraniums

This is a uniquely charming flower known for its appealing leaf shapes and feminine scent that can fill an entire room. You can also find Geraniums that smell like chocolates and even pineapples. Besides its relaxing smell, research has shown that Geranium reduces anxiety and stress levels when taken as a tea.

Geraniums require plenty of sunlight. During winter, make sure that they will be exposed directly to keep them growing. Water the plant from below, and during winter seasons, water it less often. You can slightly touch the leaves to release their sweet-like smell.


Citrus is an easy-to-grow plant that makes you mesmerize with its sweet, grapefruit-like aroma. It can even offer you homegrown fruits if you are just patient in providing them care, attention, and love. For maintenance, make sure to give them enough sun rays.


Known for their alluring beauty, Lavender plants are great indoors. Its long-lasting gentle scent can fill up your room. The plant contains a compound called S-linalool, responsible for its well-known sweet scent that can delight anyone.

Lavender plants prefer heat. Thus, place it in a warm room during the winter months. Also, make sure that the solid is properly aerated for proper airflow. To enjoy its lovely scent, trim a few sprigs and bend them together. Hang them outside down and dry for about four weeks. When ready, place it in a sachet, and you can now savor your refreshed interior.


You can always turn your indoors into a garden with these scented flowers mentioned above. A fresh interior keeps you at ease and even boosts your productivity. Create your ideal garden in the comfort of your home. The flowers will bloom, as well as you.

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