My Lover is a Sagittarius, and I am a Virgo

It will be difficult to convince both of you to make that commitment to a lengthy relationship because you are generally autonomous individuals. One of you is prone to experiencing anxiety as soon as the other considers that it might be conceivable. Most of the time, Virgo, you think you’d prefer to live by yourself. Sagittarius, the sign of liberty, you’ve found your mate! Sagittarius is not referred to as the bachelor symbol for no reason (male or female, equivalent variation)! Naturally, there are Sagittarius and Virgo individuals who did well together, so take your time and move slowly. If you want to, you can make that happen!

The relationship between Sagittarius man and Virgo Woman has both positive and negative aspects. Because both of you are malleable zodiacs, you are both adaptive, versatile, and open-minded. You will like Sagittarius’ boundless optimism and willingness to take chances. You have a much more deliberate disposition than most people do, and you’re less inclined to make impulsive decisions. Sagittarius may encourage you to behave more effectively and timely, and you may encourage Sagittarius to consider all options before launching into a strange new venture. This combination may be advantageous for both of you. Since you are an earth element, you find generalizations and sensationalism irritating. Your strong sense of practicality will appeal to Sagittarius, and you will encourage your partner to carefully think over things carefully and thoroughly.

Virgos are extremely courteous and charming, yet the bluntness of Sagittarius can be devastating. Sagittarius frequently encounter difficulties as a result of their blunt communication style. Because this is intrinsic to Sagittarius and you realize they don’t mean any offense, you might eventually get used to it. You can definitely tell there is a huge gap separating you whenever it comes to investing funds. Sagittarius are so pessimistic that they view Virgos’ urge to save money as simply plain stingy. Virgos tend to save.

Your approach to work is also unique. Without establishing alternative employment, your Sagittarius may abruptly declare someday that they can’t stand their jobs and are quitting. In fact, he or she can state that they need to take a break to reflect on everything (Sagittarius loves travel). “Leave your work AND take a vacation?” “‘Are you crazy?’ I can listen to you ask incredulously. This kind of unshakeable faith in how things will turn out is not typical of Virgos, and it will definitely make you feel uneasy.

Sagittarius is the complete antithesis of Virgo in that they stress very little. As incredible as it appears, your lover’s risky attitude generally works because Jupiter rules them. Sagittarius frequently gets what they want despite their high demands. Sagittarius craves intensity and thrill to rule their lives, and it does. Sagittarius hopes to find precisely whatever they are looking for, whether it be their life partner, the profession of their dreams, or a stunning place to call home. You need to have faith in yourself, Sagittarius, and trust that even though this way of being happy is dissimilar to yours, everything will turn out for the best.

Your interactions will always be interesting and vibrant because both of your Zodiacs are regarded as smart. You converse with one another in a clear, insightful manner about anything under the Sun. If your partner informs you that they are applying to graduate schools because they prefer returning to school, you will probably be quite encouraged by their plans.

It is a stressful arrangement when the Suns of two signs are at ninety-degree inclinations to each other, as they are with both you and Sagittarius. A square image denotes an ongoing presence of difficulties. However, a square facet denotes a lot of activity and vigor, so you will both be engaged in attempting to make the relationship work. None of you would be content to watch events unfold. This is advantageous. Your career-related Sagittarius house is where the Sun is located. Your homes and families are where the Sun of Sagittarius is located, so you all support one another in various ways. Your partner will assist you in creating the kind of living situation you desire by enthusiastically supporting your profession.

You have various love making philosophies that will become apparent immediately. Your Sagittarius is eager, ardent, lustful, and quick to become agitated. At first, you are far more cautious and reluctant to give in; instead, you maintain your cool distance until you are certain. When you are completely certain of your Sagittarius’s affection, you will learn that you may let go like only an earth element can, causing the earth to shift beneath both of you. Both of you dislike anything fake about love, and you aren’t interested in each other’s fascination with romantic games. You will seek solace in the arms of your Sagittarius partner if you feel a connection with him or her. Your sexy, romantic spirit can make up for interpersonal conflicts and let you accept and overlook the little things.

Although it won’t be the simplest of partnerships, it can function if you use caution. Virgo, try not to be too harsh with your partner. Allow him or her to motivate you with travel, athletics, and entertainment. Your viewpoint will be brightened by Sagittarius. You will thus impart to your Sagittarius a firm understanding of the pragmatic side of any situation. If you really want it badly enough, this combination might work.

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