MT: What Are the Most Common Types of Premises Liability Claims?


MD: Check what premises liability is. Find out what the most common claim types are and how to deal with these situations.

Premises Liability – The Most Common Claim Types

Have you ever had a situation when you visited someone’s house and got injured? Unfortunately, such situations are common as not all homeowners have a clear idea about the premises liability. This legal term means that if you own premises, you should be responsible for any accident that happens to the visitor. If the owner doesn’t take care of the property, it may be unsafe for tenants. The negligence of the property owner can result in illnesses and serious health harm to the people living or visiting the premises.

3 Most Common Premises Liability Claims

Are you familiar with any health harm because of the negligence of the premises’ owner? Then, the very first thing you should do is to go to professional Premises Liability lawyers. They will help you make the property owner take responsibility and pay medical costs. Find out what common claim types are to know in which situation you should ask for a helping hand of a liability lawyer.

There are many premises liability claims, but it is possible to group them into three main types.

  1. No appropriate building maintenance. These are the injuries caused by the malfunctions of some building elements. Such malfunctions often cause injuries. There are many unexpected situationswhen tenants fall at the staircase, get hurt in the elevator, etc. Low maintenance can cause illnesses.

In such a case, you should inform legal bodies about the dangerous conditions in the building. Don’t be silent if the low maintenance of the premises can harm the health of the people who visit or live in the building. Remember that this refers to both residential and commercial premises.

  1. Unsafe premises. These are some vandalism acts, robberies, etc., that may take place because cameras don’t work properly or the alarm system is absent.
  2. Injuries caused by unrestrained dogs. There are many claims of tenants being injured by unrestrained dogs. If the dog bites someone, the owner should cover medical costs and take responsibility for any damage caused by the pet.

When Do People Usually Start a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

Premises liability lawyers have to deal with many claims caused by the inappropriate safety of premises. There are several most common claims for you to learn about.

  • Accidents caused by slip and fall;
  • Defects of the elevator in the premises;
  • The collapseof the staircase in the house;
  • Fires because of the inappropriate safety system;
  • Accidents in swimming pools caused by unsafe construction.


The above-listed causes may result in serious physical injuries as well as emotional trauma. Such cases should be compensated by the negligent property owner. Don’t hesitate to call the premises liability lawyer if you are a victim of one of the common accidents. You can deal with the unpleasant situation quickly with the help of an experienced team of premises liability experts. They will tell you about your legal rights and make it so that the property owner gives the financial compensation for all the injuries and damage.

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