Moving to Delhi? Here is What you Need to Know Before Booking A PG Accommodation

Delhi, being a developed urban community and home to multiple renowned commercial enterprises, attracts a large pool of people who migrate to the city in search of lucrative job opportunities. Many of them put up in a PG in Delhi and that is because it is an affordable living option. But, at times people struggle with finding the right PG in Delhi because there are quite a lot of options to choose from and some might appear great but don’t quite turn out to be that way.

Moving to another city and making sense of how to live independently are huge decisions and can bring their own set of challenges. Adapting to a new place, seeking to make new friends, taking charge of humdrum daily chores and adjusting to a new way of life can demand huge amounts of strength and inventiveness from the best of us.

For most newcomers, we generally advise them to opt for professionally managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living, who have got multiple fully furnished accommodations in the most popular areas of the city and a well-rounded, high quality service offering to meet all their needs.

However, we would like you to make an independent and well-informed decision. So, here are a few tips on what you should ensure before moving into a PG in Delhi:

In-house Meals

Most students/ professionals who head for a PG in Delhi may want to opt for in-house meals. You might wish to know the menu in advance, get some good meal options and have healthy yet tasty meals. Before shifting, do inquire about breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings and whether your PG in Delhi offers an arrangement of packing the morning meal/lunch directly to your college/office. You may likewise need to talk in advance about if there is an alternative of waiving any of the meals, in return for a little concession on the rent amount.

Housekeeping Services

Insist on getting proper housekeeping services. Most PGs in Delhi have cleaning/housekeeping staff but there might be different rules about frequency of cleaning, separate charges for this service etc. You should try to get this included in your rent itself. Alternatively, you can pick a managed accommodation like Stanza Living as they offer a whole bunch of bundled services like food, housekeeping, laundry, WiFi etc which are included in the rent amount. This will make you free from the hassles of daily lifestyle chores, allowing you time to focus on things you consider important.

Rules and Regulations

There are some rigid rules in some of the PGs in Delhi: fixed TV timings, no guests, no non-vegetarian food, no drinking or smoking, no loud music, rules for common room usage etc. While some might be instituted for the comfort and safety of all residents, some can just be very restrictive and ridiculous. So, just know the rules and regulations of the house before you set your foot in. If these rankle you or you don’t find yourself willing to adjust, you should look for a more flexible PG in Delhi.

Reviews are Beneficial

Before you take the keys and move in, ensure that you have done a site visit, assessed the place and locality and met a couple of residents in order to know their experience. Their reviews will be helpful, in deciding if this is the kind of PG in Delhi you had been planning to get into. You can also gain an idea about the place from online reviews of services offered by the place.

These are some of the things that you should settle upon before finalizing your PG in Delhi.

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