Most Famous Apps Developed With React Native

There are millions of mobile apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we often use many of them on a regular basis without even knowing what goes behind the scenes while making these apps.

Don’t you think it’s necessary for us to have an idea about the functionality, features and major programming source behind these apps?

There are a number of app development companies that use a variety of languages including Objective C++, C#, PHP, and HTML5 to develop high quality apps. But the programming language that’s picking up the hype is React Native. And that’s not all! Apart from the programming language, React Native is also making waves as a cross-platform app development framework.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses are now considering React Native as the best choice to develop advanced mobile applications for their target audience.

Top Mobile Apps Built on React Native Framework

Here are some of the top-notch and well-known mobile apps that are created on React Native:


Facebook used React Native to build a robust cross-platform Ad Manager where publishers can integrate their ads for promotion. The Facebook ads manager built using React Native is capable of handling different ad formats, currencies, date formats, and time zones.

After getting developed on this giant technology, the ads manager got a clean interface, simple app navigation with no design mistakes, intuitive UX and other features that make it worth it for Android and iOS users. This proves that React Native can be the best future option for hybrid app development.

2. UberEats

UberEats is a byproduct of the Uber ride-sharing app helping users to get fast and quality food on the go. Although React Native covers a small part of the UberEat app, it has added a significant amount of experience to facilitate users in terms of UX and UI.

The app was supposed to be integrated with a dashboard having functions like push and sound notifications. Since the company staffed app professionals who possess knowledge of React Native, building the dashboard using React Native has come out as a big success.

3. AirBnb

Another popular app that has been developed using React Native is AirBnB. With React Native it’s quite easy to reuse code to create some other functionality. AirBnB uses this feature to create an app that’s fast and ensures better usability.

As stated by a software engineer at AirBnB, there are around 60 members who are working on React native technology to keep the app updated and free from issues. The team is working on a regular basis just to make sure that customers get the best service experience through the app.

4. Instagram

Instagram was not initially developed using the React native. It uses some other programming language. Since it had simple UI and less complicated functions, it was easy to transform it into a completely different platform.

The brand redeveloped the social media app on React Native to give it a new look and feel, enhanced functional capabilities and most importantly the ability to easily navigate users through the homepage.

5. SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is an application built for creators that assists them in managing their accounts while increasing awareness about the community. The company was facing issues while looking for remarkable iOS app developer, that’s when they decided to eliminate the huge gap between Android and iOS and decided to go with cross-platform app development.

Why Did Famous Brands Choose React Native?

There are so many reasons that have made React Native the prior choice for app development companies. Some of the most vital ones are mentioned below:

  • React Native is an open-source
  • It provides cross-platform app development
  • React Native ensures code reusability
  • It guarantees a faster development process
  • React Native focuses on UI i.e. User Interface
  • It is compatible with third-party plugins

Enterprises that are looking forward to getting their app built with a cross-platform app development framework can opt for the React Native framework. However, instead of hiring freelance React Native app developers, our suggestion would be to first go through all the best React Native app companies across the market and then choose the one that meets your requirements. They will help you finalize the app layout and handover quality results for the same.

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