Most Expensive and Common Car Repairs

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Here are some most expensive and common car repairs:

  1. Engine and cylinder damage: If you hear something like ‘engine damage’ from your mechanic, it means that you and your car both are in big trouble. The most expensive type of engine damage occurs in its cylinders. If the engine cylinders get damaged, it will cost you up to $7000-$10000 to get them repaired. Since your car engine will be completely removed, repaired, and put back, this involves a lot of labor work and hence it gets very expensive. It is recommended to install an entirely new engine instead of repairing the old one because you can even get a decent new car in this price range.
  2. Hybrid car battery: We have entered a stage where consumers are preferring electric vehicles over petrol/diesel-operated cars. But, the batteries that are put into these cars, especially the hybrid ones, are very expensive. Any type of rechargeable battery loses its charge holding capacity with time, and a single fault in it can cost you up to $6000.
  3. Transmission problem: If your car is facing some serious transmission issue, it will not be possible to operate it on roads because you will not be able to turn the wheels in any direction. The transmission system is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the driveshaft. It experiences higher wear and tears as compared to other parts of a car. Repairing the transmission system can cost up to $4000-$5000.
  4. Airbags: Airbags have proven to be one of the best safety devices that have been invented by humans. They are responsible for saving lives. However, once they are deployed, they need to be replaced. Furthermore, replacement of steering and glove box may also be required. This adds up to the total amount which may cost you somewhere between $2500 and $4000.
  5. Suspension: Suspensions are what keep away from the pain which often comes with a bumpy car ride. But, they remain to be one of the most unattended car accessories. The following components make up an effective suspension system: shock absorbers, struts, springs, control arms, and tie rods. If any of these parts gets damaged, it does not cost much. However, if you want to replace the entire suspension system, it can cost you about $2500-$3500.
  6. Camshaft: Camshaft plays a vital role in cars. It regulates the airflow in the car’s engine. However, it gets dirty with time due to dirt and debris. If it is kept unnoticed and is not cleaned regularly, the camshaft will eventually break. The cost of replacing a camshaft can range between $1500 to $3000. The reason for such a high cost is that repairing a camshaft involves a lot of labor work.

 Furthermore, if my check engine light is on, it might be a signal that my car needs some repairs which could be expensive. The light could indicate a minor problem, such as a broken gas cap, or broken camshaft, or it could indicate a more serious problem, such as an engine that is misfiring. It usually implies I will need to take my car to the dealer to have the problem fixed and the light turned off.

  1. Brake line: Brakes play the most important role when it comes to safety while driving any vehicle. Replacement of braking pads is comparatively inexpensive. However, if the entire brake line gets blown off or damaged, it may cost you a lot of money which is about $1000. Mechanics often force car owners to replace the entire brake line even when little patching and fixing can solve the issue.
  2. Clutch Assembly Replacement: Mechanical vehicle clutches possess differently configured devices. These clutches generally function by engaging and disengaging two moving components. These components can be parts of the shaft or the driving mechanism. As you must be aware, clutches get worn out with time and before they require a replacement, you would receive plenty of warning signs. The cost of clutch replacement can vary from $1030 up to $1385.


When you own a car, repairing expenses always come into the role play. These repairing costs may start from $100 and go as high as $10000. Learn more about Expensive and Common Car Repairs at

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