More than “Avengers 4”! “Avatar” once again became the global box office champion

Avatar” once again boarded the world’s single-film box office champion. The film is being re-screened in mainland China. According to Beacon data, the real-time box office of the re-screening reached 50.9 million yuan. Based on real-time exchange rates, it has accumulated more than the previous single-film global box office champion “Avengers 4” (US$2.7975 billion).

Movie director James Cameron, who said that the re-screening would allow everyone to re-enter the theater to make up for their regrets. He also greeted Chinese audiences in Chinese, spoiled the “Avatar” sequel “will be the best 3D movie experience”, discussed how to balance film technology and story, and also encouraged Chinese filmmakers. He believes that Chinese films The market potential is unlimited.

Cameron revealed that the “Avatar” sequel is also under intense shooting. Cameron said that after so many years, the “Avatar” sequel has made great progress in terms of visual effects. The method of creating characters is more advanced, the characters look more real, exactly the same as real people, the 3D technology is also more perfect, and the frame is higher. The rate will improve the picture jitter problem encountered by some viewers, and the sequel will be the best 3D viewing experience.

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