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Monitors are the output device that tells you that the command you gave to the computer has been fulfilled and shows you the results of your command. It provides the user interface necessary for the communication between the monitor and the PC.

Although the most important part of a PC is it’s CPU, just imagine that the monitor is unable to display the content on the screen perfectly. You can compromise on it if you do not use it on a daily basis or if you use it casually. But if you use your PC everyday, and have to sit in front of it for long hours, you will get irritated quicjly and will wish to get it repaired instantly or replace it if you don’t have any other option.

The people who use monitors for work or for gaming are the ones who are very much concerned about the display specifications of the monitor they buy. The markets out there have been competing with each other for providing the perfect monitors. And when we move into the gaming section, there are a lot of companies claiming that they are producing the best gaming monitors.

There are a lot of things these companies provide in their monitors and advertise for these features, but sometimes most of the things are unnecessary also, they are there just to charge money from the customer. It doesn’t go like: the most expensive thing will be the one you can make the best use of. There are some features you will never need in your life, thus you paid the price for something you will never need.

So it is very important, for someone who is into gaming, to know all the necessary specifications he need in his/her gaming monitor.

In this article we will talk about the features that you need to look for in a monitor if you are going to buy it for gaming.

Important features of a perfect gaming monitor

Refresh rate

Refresh rate is the number of times your display updates the content on the screen. If you are into fast gaming the refresh rate you need is just above 60 Hz and not necessarily above 200 Hz. 60 Hz will do just fine for normal paced games. If you do some serious gaming 140 Hz is what you should prefer. You don’t need to spend more on higher refresh rates.

Response time

There are some very interesting shooter games in which you wish to never miss your enemy. Two such games are Diablo 2 resurrected and Destiny 2. You can get information about diablo 2 from and about Destiny 2 from Destiny 2 news.

But what if the monitor becomes the reason for missing the enemy? Well if you are new to gaming, you might be wondering how is it possible? It is possible if your monitor has a large response time. Now what is response time? Response time is the time your display takes to respond to a command from the CPU. The More quickly it responds, the lesser are the chances of missing the shot. The response times of 5 milliseconds or below give excellent results.

Display and resolution

The best display size for gaming is 27 inch diagonal with 1440p resolution. Both the size and resolution go side by side. 4k doesn’t suit small sized screens, sodo not be tempted by the advertisements showing 4k resolution. You Need to look at both size and resolution simultaneously. Higher resolution for small screens make things more detailed which gets somewhat uncomfortable.

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