Mobile Gaming Breakthroughs: An Introduction To “Elder Scrolls: Blades”

Bethesda has been developing the Elder Scrolls franchise since the 90s, and it’s no secret that their games have gained recognition worldwide and captured the hearts of many gamers of all ages. The series has since evolved to modern platforms such as Switch, iOS, and Android devices. We introduce you to the features you can experience with the portable mobile version.

How Is The Game Played?

The game’s original concept was meant to be a spin-off and free to play experience of the main Elder Scrolls franchise. There are hidden pay to win mechanics but an overall pleasant experience for those who don’t want to spend any real-world currency.

At its roots, the game is an RPG, typical of any version from the series. The perspective of playing is done in first-person. With a seemingly unavoidable one-on-one conflict interaction rate, elder scrolls blade weapons will overshadow the need for bows and magic. Long-range engagements will still be relevant, but with a handheld device such as a phone, melee is the way to go.

There will also be a noticeable difference in the world generating aspects of Elder Scrolls: Blades as it features a linear and pre-programmed procedural mission style. This is to be expected of a mobile game as most phones won’t have anywhere near the computers’ processing power.

Character Specialization and Combat

The selection of a class is pretty straightforward and what you would expect from an Elder Scrolls game. A choice between a melee specialist, sorcerer, or ranged-weapon wielder is given to players, along with the ability to use up to three different spells during fight scenes. Stat points can be allotted the same way you would on any other RPG game, and skill tree distinction is also unique to the user.

What Are The Different Game Modes?

Bethesda went above and beyond in their development compared to other mobile games as “Blades” features three distinct game modes, Abyss, Arena, and Town. These three are survival, PVP, and main story modes that the player can switch to anytime.

Abyss is a great way to test your mettle against hordes of enemies, and trying to survive for as long as you can is always a great way to warm-up before a game. The arena is like any other PVP mode where you go against another human player in a fight to the death. The town is the hub where you take main and side quests and a place for socializing with friends.

Getting Gold, Gear, and Equipment

Story quests are the best way to earn gold, as playing the story mode will naturally fill your inventory. Still, the arena is also a great way to grind rewards so you can go up against higher skill arena opponents for bigger prizes. Gear is earned through chests with five different types: Wood, Silver, Gold, Elder, and Legendary, being the highest rarity you can find.

An excellent way to get the best equipment is to store legendary chests as the loot inside them is generated based on your current stats, which will increase as you level up. When you’ve maxed out your gear, climbing the leaderboards is a great way to make a name for yourself in the community.

The Good and The Bad

The new twist on the series’ rich story and the background will entice newcomers and veterans alike, and graphical quality optimized for current-generation devices is also an excellent addition. However, the game makes you choose between frame rate and graphics, which can be a bit disappointing for someone with a higher-end smartphone that can handle both.

The game has good modes to play, and the campaign story is immersive, but when you explore the different microtransactions hidden in the game, you will feel overwhelmed with how wide the gap is between a paid player account and a free-to-play one.


Elder Scrolls: Blades is a fresh take on the main game, and players will be delighted to know that they can get a somewhat general idea of what the Elder Scrolls experience is all about. If you’re new to the franchise, then this will be a fantastic introduction to the beauty and brilliance of Bethesda’s masterpiece of a game.

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