Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Adjustable Bed Base

The modern, adjustable bed base has a unique, sleek, and user-friendly design that improves sleep quality. These bases allow the mattresses to move into a variety of positions. It can be inclined and reclined to get you situated in your body’s most comfortable sleep positions.

According to an article on Spine-health, every bed needs to have an adjustability setting. The adjustment quality provides comfort and reduces back pain.

There are several features you may need in it before buying one. If you ignore the specifications and do not get familiarized with the controls, then you may end up paying for the wrong product.

Let’s check the mistakes that you must avoid when buying an adjustable bed frame.

Buying a Bed-base without Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers play a vital role while sleeping on an adjustable bed. Shock absorbers are responsible for supporting and cushioning the movement of the mattress and your body positioning.

Bed bases without shock absorbers do not provide the same comfort zone as the one with shock absorbers. But they do provide comfort, as the curved slats give the elasticity.

Going for Manual Adjustable Bed Base

There is no problem with a manually adjusting bed base, but you can always opt for better quality. The one that is electrically operated is the best adjustable bed base. The manual adjustments will require you to lean or bend to bring the bed to your comfortable position

On the other hand, electric bed bases are easy to control. Most of these bed bases come with a remote controller that can recline or incline to a specific degree at just one click. You must consider these basic features when buying adjustable bed bases. The electrically operated bases may be a bit expensive, but you will enjoy a sound sleep.

Buying the Wrong Type of Mattress

Not all mattresses can fit the adjustable bed bases. There is a specific requirement of every bed base. The adjustable bed base may have certain features that may not work if your mattress is not flexible enough. The best choices are memory foam or pure latex mattress with a minimum thickness of 10-14 inches.

Only these mattresses can conform to the contour of your bed base. They are durable enough to withstand the repeated compressions of the adjustable frames. So, before you buy the bed base, make sure you buy a mattress that fits your bed base’s features.

Not Taking Dimensions into Consideration

Before you buy the bed base, note how much space is available to accommodate the bed base. Usually, these adjustable bed frames have large sizes, and if your requirement is only for a single person, you may have to go for a different design.

Also, do talk to your partner if you will be sharing the bed. If your partner is not comfortable with such beds, you may have to consider other options. But if you and your partner both visit the stores to get familiarized with the adjustable bed bases, it will be easy for you to buy one.

Choosing a Base without Massage Feature

Adjustable bed bases come with distinctive features, one of which is having a massager to the base. These bases may be slightly more expensive than the regular ones, but they are worth buying. Either way, your adjustable bed will recline and incline as per your convenience, so why not have an additional feature?

The massager helps in relieving stress after long hours of work. When you have a bed massager at hand, you won’t have to hire a masseur to relieve you of stiffness. All you need to do is lie down on the bed, click the buttons, adjust the mattress’s angles, and activate the massaging feature. It is the ultimate stress-relieving solution.

Not Choosing the Bed Base with Casters

Most of the bed bases have firm and flat legs, but these beds are not easily movable. Cleaning under the beds also becomes tough if the bed base remains immovable. Look for bed bases that have caster wheels. The benefit of having casters is that you can move the bed from one location to the other with ease.

The casters come with a lock/unlock system that makes the movement of the bed possible. You have a choice of not buying one with casters, but it is advisable to have the casters to support your bed while moving. Flat-legs are rigid and may also leave marks on the floor while moving the bed base.

Not Checking the Motor Capacity

Almost all bed bases come with DC motors and a few others in AC motors. The base with DC motor offers a quiet operating system while the AC motor provides higher working capacity. There is not much difference in their performance capabilities, but the weight carrying capacity differs a lot.

The motor must be capable enough to handle your weight along with the mattress’s weight. You need to double-check the weight-carrying capacity before finalizing on one.


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