Millennials Guide To A Perfect Home

Built with love and dreams; A home is not only a place to live but where we belong, and memories are created. It is where we look forward to reaching every day to get that much-needed sigh of relief and comfort.

No matter where we go, we always strive to come back to our home. It is where our heart and soul belongs. Well, one cannot deny the fact that the definition of home has changed over time. Gone are the days when putting efforts in creating the desired look of the house was considered a theatrical task.

In the present era, everyone wants to give their home a statement of their choices and personality. Well, why should not one? After all, it reflects the best version of oneself.

With that being said, the present time belongs to millennials. Yes!! Generation Y. This generation has changed the way to look at homes. They consider keeping their place quirky by being economical. No doubt they always look for ways to make a difference in whatever they do. And the same has been applied to their perspective towards home.

In this article, you will know about how millennials have changed their views about a perfect home.

So, let’s move forward.

#1. Splash of Colours 

Splash of Colours

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One of the things that millennials consider very important in their home is the color palette. They do not follow the tradition of using light shades only, including off white or light blue. Instead, they took a step forward and chose the colors that define them thoroughly.

Those who like to live life on the go choose bright hues, sometimes even the neons. While others who like to keep it simple, go for the monochromatic shades. Their color choice defines the way they like to live, besides throwing off the feel they want to have, every time they walk in, into their place.

If you are looking forward to incorporating the millennial look to your place, then you may go through these color options.

#2. Intense and Practical Furniture


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Besides focusing on the right color, millennials tend to keep a check on the furniture they incorporate in their homes. They do not believe in merely stuffing the furniture in any room but take into consideration the space of the area in which a particular piece of furniture is to be placed.

After keeping track of the area, they choose the furniture that fits best. Also, they want furniture that not only goes well with the entire space, including the color of the walls, decor items, etc. but also speaks for itself, while providing comfort. With all this, they also like to have multi-functional furniture, which can be put to different uses. For example, they choose a bed with storage boxes at the bottom or a sofa that can also serve as a single bed.

#3. Live with What You Love


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When it comes to letting a home breathe, accessories and decor items play a significant role. The times when people use to stuff decor items in their homes as much as they can are now gone. The present generation has limited the display of such things and only portray what they feel.

Millennials believe in living with things they love. They display the items that speak for them and portray them well.

Keeping the decor items in conformity to the entire space, they prefer buying decor stuff online by being pocket smart, and many like to create their decor items by taking help from the  DIY decor ideas available online.

#4. Small is Better

Small is Better

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When it comes to a home, millennials find the smaller ones better. Well, the reason behind this is that they do not like settling down with a family too soon and look for a place which fulfills all their needs. Besides this, they like to invest their hard-earned money on things they need, and a small home serves it well.

Also, they are not the generation that likes to see a lot of people in their homes and thus, keeps a place for themselves, which is the right fit to a limited number of people they like to have in their lives.

Understanding the perspective of millennials, homeowners who offer their home on rent like to keep their place in conformity to the needs of the younger generation. So, it is now easy for the generation Y to look for a house for rent in Bangalore, Mumbai, or Delhi, that fulfills all their needs.

#5. Shaped and Fashioned Floors

Fashioned Floors

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With everything else evolving at a high pace, the present generation has evolved over its idea of home. They like to step into a house where even the floor speaks fashion.

There is no denying the fact that millennials like to consider the surface of the home before placing the furniture, but one can also not say no to the idea of millennials to design the floor.

They make the floor speak by either using designer tiles or by painting the floor according to their imaginations. Either way, they like to keep the floor trendy.

The Afterwords 

The current generation likes to live in style, and when it comes to a home, they do not want to adjust for anything less than what they need. From changing the color palette to making the floors speak, they have changed the idea of a perfect home.

It does not matter if they are looking for investing in a new home or an apartment for rent; they want it to speak for themselves.

If you are looking forward to redesigning your home or having a place that stands for itself, then going the millennial way is the best way.

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