Metal work table: how to choose the size?

One of the most considerable types of equipment for a professional restaurant kitchen is a metal work table, usually made of stainless steel. Choosing products from this material, you purchase durability, strength, and excellence. Almost all catering establishments already use such equipment — it is a functional, practical, hygienic, and stylish option for any kitchen. The product structure allows simplifying the procedure for cleaning from dirt, speeding up the food prep procedures. Moreover, if the table is damaged or scratched due to inappropriate maintenance practices, polishing with the right cleansers and tools will solve the issue, and the purchase of new equipment will not be required. The neutral metallic color will match any design. Taking into account that the prices for stainless steel tables are affordable and that having bought such equipment once, you can use it for years, the advantages of such tables are obvious.

Buying a metal work table of superior quality from reliable suppliers

In order for the purchase to pay off, you need to pick a trusted supplier who will guarantee to receive all the benefits in one product. Business owners can consider cooperation with AmGoodSupply, because the metal tables purchased from this seller are:

  • Easy to assemble. The stress-free assembly that doesn’t require much effort, labour, and special skills.
  • Ensure food safety. A flat and smooth surface make such a table absolutely hygienic, providing a secure environment for all products.
  • Furniture options not only for restaurants. It can suit needs both commercial spaces and private kitchens at home.
  • An indispensable assistant to facilitate kitchen routines. Ensuring space where it is easy to move around, tables optimize work processes and reduce the time required for cooking.

How to ensure yourself with the best possible choice of metal tables

When buying a product online, on platforms such as Amazon, study the descriptions presented on the site in detail. You should get all the information you need: from the dimensions to the stainless steel grade. The following features are of great importance when choosing metal equipment.

Size. Depending on your needs, choose the size of the table that perfectly will fit the space. If you haven’t found the desired metal work table size, search for a supplier who offers a customized solution. Do not neglect the measuring process of the required parameters as space management is vital for busy kitchens in food establishments.

Island table. Think where you want to install a table as there is also a difference in the types depending on the location. From the point of view of room planning, it greatly simplifies navigation in the kitchen. So, if the table will stand against the wall, then it should have a backsplash to protect the wall from dirt and splashes and prevent liquids from spilling down, facilitating cleaning. If you want to place it in the middle of the room, purchase an island table.

Under-shelf and extra accessories. Models with shelves for storing food, dishes, and other kitchen utensils save space in the kitchen and allows personnel to have the necessary things on hand. The option with a built-in stainless steel sink optimizes the processes of cutting meat, fish, cooking vegetables, but at the same time, the price of the product increases. You can also invest in stainless steel tables with drawers or casters.

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