Merits and demerits of using chatbots

If you’re a business owner, you might be aware of the challenging scenario prevailing in the business. By ensuring a reduction in the costs of inputs, it is helpful in generation profits without losing your customers. In the advanced times, businesses are shifting to technologies for better results and reduced manual efforts. In this context, one of the great technological tools which are loaded with advancement is chatbots. This tool is something that can take up all the load of various department in your organization and let them focus upon other work,even big blogs like Mashable,TechChrunch and HuffPost are Utilizing chatbots.

Want to learn about the beneficial aspect as well as the downsides of using chatbots? It is a good decision to get all this information since it can help you make a better choice of whether to use chatbots or not. This postmentions a clear description about the merits and demerits associated with using chatbots.

Merits linked with chatbots usage

  • Easy to handle multiple clients

As a human, it is not possible to handle multiple clients at a single time. But with the chatbots, it is one of the biggest benefits. In the business, you need to increase your customers, which can be done only when you handle multiple customers at once. For this purpose, you can leave all the loads upon the chatbots.

  • All-time availability

All the employers of a business have a fixed time to enter the company and work for fixed hours. In such a case, the employers can’t be available at every hour of the day. Now, what if a customer tries to connect with your company at an odd hour. Humans can’t stay present at all hours for the customers. For this purpose, businesses rely upon using the chatbot tools.

  • Less cost of overhead expenses

Chatbots are available at all times in the day or night and can serve multiple customers at a single time. With such a benefit, it is helpful to avoid spending much on the overhead cost.

Demerits linked with chatbots usage

  • Chatbots don’t have human emotions

One of the biggest demerits of using a chatbot tool is about no human emotions. It is a major cause of why the chatbots lose in responding positively and helpfully to the customer if it needs to be concerned emotionally. Most often, the chatbots do act completely mechanical, which makes the customers feel annoyed at a certain time. In such cases, it is better to use the chatbots powered with artificial intelligence, which do respond considering empathy.

  • A costly tool with a challenging installation

No doubt, it becomes a challenging thing to create any kind of chatbots. For this purpose, you need to spend huge money and effort upon it. When talking about the installation expenses, it costs higher than using manual labor. To install the chatbots, it needs to be programmed by a professional programmer for making it a customizable option for the businesses. In the case of complex chatbot tools, it demands the usage of wider resources seeing the complexity of functions programmed in it. Also, a company needs to maintain the chatbot and go through regular upgrades for achieving better results. For this purpose, you need to spend your money on it.

  • Fails in handling tough questions

Most often, you need to think about every question which should be installed in the chatbot to make it ready to handle customer queries. Often, chatbots fail in attempting many questions that are tough or sounds complex. In such a case, a customer may not feel satisfied by using your service or look for some other company. Also, it can lower down your business’s reputation in front of customers due to a lack of higher satisfaction levels. This is something that every business owner would like to avoid. To handle the complex questions, you need to input the programs which are set with such questions so that the chatbot is ready for it.

  • Poor memory

What do you think that chatbots are like humans? No! Chatbots don’t have the brain, and humans need to install the programs to run it for different purposes. In the chatbot tools, there is no feature of storing all the past conversations or save older memories. In such a case, a customer might feel unsatisfied by using the service when they have to inquire about concern from the chatbots every time. In the programming instructions of chatbots, don’t miss the point that they can respond to your customers but not recall everything.


No doubt, chatbots are an excellent replacement to reduce the manual load. Though it does come with some limitations which are not suitable for some businesses, by reading the content above, you might have got an idea of whether a chatbot can help you in a certain work or not. Don’t be a fool and think that the chatbots can do everything without getting programmed properly. You can’t blame chatbots for the things you missed to input in them.


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