Marriott Hotels: Tragedy In Every Corner

The name Marriott used to make people think of luxurious resort hotels with stellar service. Unfortunately, in recent years there have been many accidents associated with Marriott Hotels. Although they are the third-largest hotel chain in the world, they sorely lack a safety protocol.

In addition to operating many properties under their name, they also manage such sought-after accommodations as the Ritz Carlton and the W Hotel. Marriott is no stranger to lawsuits as their client’s data has been compromised, and they have been accused of discrimination. There are a few recent occurrences at Marriott that have caused guests to sue a hotel for negligence.

Suicide at the Birmingham, Alabama Sheraton

On March 8th of 2020, a 33-year-old stewardess leapt to her death off a 17th-floor balcony at the Birmingham Sheraton. Security was called to the room when she hurled a cell phone off of the balcony.

The woman was easily able to jump over the railing as it was not very high. Security was not properly trained for suicide intervention. Suicides often happen at motels and hotels, so it would have been very appropriate for Marriott to give their employees training in this area.

Accidents in Hotel Pools

Hotel pools are often overcrowded and poorly maintained. They rarely have lifeguards and often have signage advising guests that they will have to swim at their own risk. Merely warning people to swim at their own risk is not enough.

A hotel is responsible for maintaining a safe atmosphere for its clientele. They must mop up any water that is on the floor near the pool. They are required to clean the pool regularly and maintain a safe level of chlorine.

They must make sure that only hotel guests are using the pool and that there is no roughhousing that could cause someone injury. If they failed to take these safety precautions and it results in someone getting hurt or dying, it could result in a personal injury lawsuit against the hotel.

In July of 2020, a three-year-old boy almost drowned at a Marriott in Montvale, NJ. The boy’s family managed to pull him out of the pool, and another guest who was a physician saved the boy’s life with CPR.

The hotel management team was never clear as to whether there had been a lifeguard on duty. Many of the hotels that operate under the Marriott brand are considered luxury properties. They charge their customers top dollar to stay in their rooms. However, they often try to cut corners when it comes to important things such as providing a lifeguard.

Slip and Fall Cases

In 2013 a woman staying at the Marriott Courtyard hotel in Downtown Pensacola, Florida slipped and fell when she stepped into the bathtub in her hotel room. The woman fractured her upper arm bone. She sued the Marriott and was awarded almost $200,000 because the floor of the bathtub was unusually slippery.

In 2014 a woman successfully sued Marriott for over $1,000,000 when she slipped and fell on ice at their property.

If you have been injured in a Marriott Hotel, or any other hotel or motel, it is important to see a doctor right away and save copies of all the medical bills that you get. It is also a good idea to contact a personal injury attorney. A lawyer will be well versed in negotiating with insurance companies and big corporations. They will know what research to do to get you the money you deserve.

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