Mangastream Down – Best 25 Alternatives To Read Manga 2023

MangaStream is one of those many websites on the web that caters to manga readers by providing them with manga comics to read. was created by some manga fanatics who have a great love for the art form. They have taken out enormous amounts of times from their schedules to run the stream. They have a huge, massive library of manga comics and they are translated into various languages. They also promise high quality comics with very good English Translations.

The MangaStream team believes that Japanese is a tough, yet an extremely fascinating language to learn. They have all dedicated months of their lives to learn the language and translate the manga comics for avid readers in English. They have time and again claimed that learning Japanese was a wonderful experience for them since there are so many things within Japanese culture that make people feel good and fascinated. They have stated that learning Japanese is not a cakewalk for sure, but with the right kind of motivation and interest, anyone can learn Japanese.

Why is manga stream down?

What happened to mangastream? Manga stream, one of the popular manga websites with all kinds of manga comics, had to do things the right way. The content uploaded on the website was not being posted legally, and they wouldn’t want that for readers. So the team chose to end the manga stream, which is why the website has been down ever since then. mangastream allows other similar satellited to succeed in this task. Due to legalization issues, that task has been closed by the Mangastream team itself. mangastream went down when the team thought that people should only read this manga only after purchasing them. This way, they would have legal access to the comics, and such an act would support the manga artists as well because now their work is considered important enough to be bought legally.

Replacement of Mangastream

Ever since the manga stream went down, the other competitor websites have emerged, and many new websites like manga stream that either has the copyright to provide you original translation of manga comics, or you can enjoy the pirated manga comics from these websites. The manga stream, no matter how iconic it was, is done using the pirated content and promotes people too for the legal way to read these manga comics. Following are some of the websites that are the replacement of manga stream, and even though they might not be as good but can provide you with your fair share of manga comics. Following are the websites that can give you the translate manga comics.


If you are looking for a website that is exactly similar to a manga stream, then you should not look far because a website with a resembling name is there. The website Mangastream. Today is a manga website that is easy to use. You can find almost all kinds of manga comics here, which have been categorized into different genres. The website contains genres like romance, sci-fi, horror, comedy, fancy, and other similar genres as well. The website doesn’t charge you anything for reading these manga comics, and you can enjoy all the content for free apart from the pop-up ads on this website. The good thing is that with this website, you can bookmark your comics as well is you can restart from where you left off last time.


Mangakakalot is another website where you can read manga comics. Unlike the previous website, this website along with providing you with free content that is also ad-free. The unnecessary ads won’t pop up on your screen with this website while you are reading your favorite manga comics. The Mangakakalot is an easy-to-use website, and it is so simple that even a child can use it. All the comics that you have to find on this website can be searched in the search bar, and from there, you can start reading your manga comic.


MangaOwl is a Mangastream alternative. This website has some of the most popular manga comics that most of the websites don’t even have. These manga comics are being updated by the MangaOwl continuously with all the new chapters of these manga comics. When you want to read a specific comic, then you will have to look for it through the search bar. The MangaOwl will give you the uninterrupted time of your manga reading by not giving any kinds of ads. The MangaOwl also has a forum that consists of all the people reading these manga comics. People can talk together in that forum and can discuss their favorite comics. Another good thing about MangaOwl is that you won’t have to spend a dime on this website to read these comics. All the material provided is for free, and anyone interested can read it at this website.


MangaTown is the closes that you can get to the Mangastream. With all the new and famous comics arranged into different genres, it is easy for you to find the manga comics that you would enjoy. This website is not all about, but it will also keep you updated with the newest manga comics. This website also has a notification option by which you will be notified about any new Manga comic that has been released or any news related to manga comics is shared here as well. This website also has its own Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay connected with you on other social platforms as well. Using this website, you can also share your favorite comics with your friends, and this way, you all can read similar comics.


Manganelo, another alternative for the Mangastream, is another one of the very easy-to-use websites for reading manga comics. This website is best on its own because, first of all, all manga comics are divided into different genres. These manga comics are available for reading ad-free and will you provide you with uninterrupted reading time.


Mangago is another one of the alternatives with all of the famous manga comics like Naruto, Astro boy, Dragon Ball Z, and one piece. All the other genres are available on this website as well. With every manga comic, the updates are first to be received here on this website. Another amazing thing about this website is that people of all ages can find their type of manga comics here. You can also ask your queries on this website regarding your favorite manga comics, and they will answer you efficiently. This website is one of the best ones, with no pop-up ads on disturbing your manga comic reading.

















Ten Manga




Manga The Japanese are probably the most innovative and also the most artistic people in the world. They are extremely famous for so many things that the list goes on and on. Manga is one such wonder that the Japanese created. Comics in Japan are referred to as Manga and hence they are also termed Japanese Comics. They are famous and imprinted since early Japanese Art and are considered to be complex and yet elegantly stylized.

They are usually written and illustrated in Japanese and have come into the Japanese culture in the late 19th century. Manga means cartoons or comics in Japan and in Kanji. They are simply known around the entire world as Japanese comics and also as comics written and illustrated in Japanese.

Manga is highly popular and in not just Japan. People all over the world read Manga by translating it to the language of their choice and convenience. Manga is famous for its extremely artistic yet simple strokes and comes in various genres. It is usually black and white, although most recently there have been exceptions of colored manga comics. Manga is so famous that it probably generates one of the greatest revenues that any book or art related industries do.

Manga caters to all groups of society and it can be read by any person despite his or her age. Manga comics are extremely popular throughout the world and there are so many millions of manga related websites on the internet that it is not at all difficult to catch hold of them.

Manga and Anime

Manga and Anime usually tend to go hand in hand. An Amine is made because of a Manga series or they can both be separate and have different motivations. An Anime can be stand alone as well, wherein it is not a Manga adaptation but has its very own storyline. But the most famous animes are actually extremely famous mangas. Amine helps people learn Japanese easily after watching it various times.

So, an anime sometimes makes people watch it and then go read a Manga series it was actually adapted from. Quite famous Japanese anime like Dragon Ball, Shingeki no Kyo-jin, etc. are all Manga series that have been made into an anime series. Many fans have actually found out about these Manga series after watching the anime.

MangaStream Library

MangaStream has a very large library of Manga series that have been translated by the team for the users to read in English. The following is their list;

Air Gear,

Akame Ga Kill,

All Out!! Area D,

Assassination Classroom,

Attack on Titan or Shinjeki no Kyo-jin,

Attack on Titan-Before the Fall,


Billy Bat,

Black Butler,

Black Cover,



Cage of Eden,


D. Gray-man,

Deadman Wonderland,

Demon’s Plan,

Dragon Ball- Episode of Bardock,

Dragon Ball minus,

Dragon Ball SD,

Dragon Ball Super,

Dragon Ball Z Rebirth of F,

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean,

Fairy Tail,

Fairy Tail Ice Trail,

Fairy Tail Sabertooth,

Fairy Tail Zero,

Fairy Tail: Special,

Fire Brigade of Flames,


Green Blood,

Haikyuu!! Hajime no Ippo,


History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi,


Jaco the Galactic Patrolman,

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Kuroko no Basket- Extra Game,

Nine Schools Competition Arc,

Manga of the Dead,

Monster X Monster,

My Hero Academia,


New Prince of Tennis,


One Piece,

One Piece Party,

One Shot,

One-Punch Man,

Platinum End,



Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth,

Rurouni Kenshin,

Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration,


Sahara the Flower Samurai,

Shaman King Zero,

Shokugeki no Souma,

Smokin’ Parade,

Soul Eater,

Stein’s Gate,

Sukedachi Nine,

Terra Formars,

The Heroic Legend of Arslan,

The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami,

The Promised Neverland,

The Seven Deadly Sins,

The Seven Deadly Sins- Seven Days,

The Uchiha Sasuke Sharingan Chronicles,

Tokyo Ghoul,


Ubel Blatt,


My Hero Academia Illegals,

Vinland Saga,

Weekly Shonen Jump,

World Trigger,


Each of these Manga can have several to a few chapters translated based on the progress made by the MangaStream team. These mangas are very neatly organized with the authors mentioning very clearly what mangas have been translated till where. They even give spoiler texts based on what chapters they will be translating and updating next for all their users.

Join MangaStream Team

The Manga Stream team has always had many fans like them who have shown lots of interest in helping them out to translate and find manga series for them to add to their ever-growing list. But as of now, the team is very tight with both their schedules and their investments and hence are unable to take in any new recruits. This is also because they all have lives outside their manga universe as well.

They do take tests and give out applications to interested people. But what they are really looking for are people who are already quite well equipped with the Japanese language and can translate fast and easily for them and have a skill set that doesn’t really require lots of training and stuff. They also accept fast learners because, even though they have tight schedules, they are willing to teach a thing or two to all the manga lovers out there.

All applicants for a position they want to work for in the Manga Stream team have to be available at times between 7:30 am GMT and 12:30 pm GMT on every Mondays and Thursdays. The team has a fairly good idea when they can or will have to call in their new members to work, but that they say, will depend highly on when their new manga will arrive for them to translate.

Since MangaStream is an American website and they follow the GMT, they have warned the people of the north that they will have to compromise their timings to work for the Manga Stream. They have also stated that despite the time issues, they do have many recruits from the North America who have shown immense dedication to their work. All their recruits or workers will be required to be online while they are working and it doesn’t work any other way.

They also have a forum school where they will teach and make their recruits understand who they work. This, however, will be done with the forum in the form of discussions, demonstrations and queries and so, many of the users will have to be available at certain timings to attend these sessions that the Manga Stream team will conduct. They will also look for and test potential translators here and provide all the interested applicants with all the information they will mostly require to understand about their various job openings.

They will also provide all these aspiring applicants with tutorials and sessions so that the fast learners can catch up without having to sit through a discussion and so on. The Manga Stream team also conducts a few simple tests to their applicants depending on what they are interested in doing and then make some final decisions on who they will recruit.

  • They are looking for redrawers who will be required to redraw the art from pages that will mostly be dis tangled while the translation happens. So they need the specific illustrative skills and understanding of the manga author’s style.
  • They are looking for Editors, who will be required to clean up the raw, dirty magazine pages and turn them into clean results with solid whites and blacks and halftones like the original manga.
  • They are looking for Typesetters who will be required to remove the Japanese text and insert the translated lines in their correct positions with formatting that is aesthetically pleasing and make use of font usage.
  • And finally, they are looking for translators who can translate Japanese to English. Although the translator will be tested thoroughly in the beginning and will not be given a lot of chances to translate, with time and good consistent performance, the person will be given complete freedom and reign over the translations. So their most important requirement is a good Japanese to English Translator.

Mangastream Bleach

One of the few manga series that all readers look forward to reading on the very popular online manga translating website is probably the might Bleach. Mangastream, which is very well-known for the attention it grabs from readers because of its impeccable translation of Japanese manga series into the English language, also translates the popular Bleach, the intriguing story of a hotheaded soul reaper.

Mangastream has till now translated more than 650 chapters of Bleach on their website for the die-hard Bleach fans to read and enjoy. The most recent update of Bleach was Chapter 686. Bleach is a finished Manga series and the last chapter was put up on the website on the 18th of August, 2016. All the spoilers of the series were updates by Mangastream to keep the audience of the manga to be hooked on another website known as

The Mangastream website believes in maintaining honor and integrity with the work they do. In order to maintain the respect that the original publisher of the Bleach series holds, the website has ensured to make sure that only the last few of the Bleach updates or chapters are available on the website for the users or the readers to see.

This is so that the outsiders of the third-party people cannot steal the content, and then copy it in other websites to gain views. The Mangastream website believes in sticking to their policies and hence, a viewer cannot see all the chapters of Bleach at the same time on their website.

Bleach Manga series on Mangastream

Bleach, as we have already established is an extremely popular manga series that ran for a very long time, from the year 2001 to 2016. The manga series was created by the popular illustrator Tite Kubo. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main protagonist of the manga series and the story follows his adventures of being able to connect with the dead people.

Ichigo is supposedly a hotheaded teenager who obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper who can be translated into Death God. He gets his powers from yet another soul reaper from before him known as Rukia Kuchiki. So, with his new found powers, Ichigo, along with a few companions embarks on a journey to defeat the bad side and defend the mankind from the evil forces that have engulfed it or have been threatening to engulf it.

Bleach ran from the year 2001 to the year 2016 in the popular magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. It has about 74 volumes in total. Bleach is also an extremely popular anime series that ran for 366 episodes. Bleach gained further popularity due to its anime series because of the amazing sequences, the beautiful adaptation of the series as an anime from the manga.

The first episode aired in the year 2004 on the 5th of October and the final episode was aired on the 27th of March, 2012. Maybe that is why Mangastream has also always never skipped a regular update on their website. Most possibly one of their largest fanbases was a part of the Bleach Manga series.

Mangastream One Piece

Mangastream is a very famous online website that entertains thousands of viewers all around the world by translating extremely popular Japanese Manga series into English and posting or publishing them chapter wise on the website Like Mangastream has published many famous Japanese illustrated comic series, belonging to various genres in their website that have been translated by an expert group of translators the Mangastream team operates with.

One such popular manga series is known as One Piece and it is one of the longest running famous manga series of all times under the genre of Shonen, which is a part of the manga categories that targets young adult males. One Piece is at the top of the manga series list on Mangastream that they translate, and the most recent chapter they translated was chapter 859 and it came out on the 15th of March, 2017.

In order to respect the publishers of the series along with the author and the illustrator, Mangastream takes strict measure to ensure that only a fair few of the most recent chapters of One Piece are available for the readers to view on their website. Mangastream does this in order to avoid plagiarism, stealing, copying, or replicating of the manga series that has been translated into English by other people on various other websites.

One Piece Manga Series and Mangastream

One Piece is one of the longest running manga series created by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece is dedicated to all the adventurous young males in the world. It is the story about a young 17-year-old boy named Monkey D. Luffy who unintentionally gains supernatural powers by eating a supernatural fruit in one of his many small adventures. His superpower is that he can turn into a rubber-like stature.

His major aim in the manga series is to travel the oceans in order to search for the One Piece of treasure. In his journey to do so, he befriends a group of pirates who help him in his great adventures. These pirates are known as Straw Hats.

Published by Shueisha, a publisher from Japan, One Piece is an anthology series that belongs to the Weekly Shonen Jump ever since the magazine started its first ever issue in the year 1997, on August 4th. Then from the 24th of December the same year, the manga took to the tankobon format. One piece has more than 850 chapters as of 2017 and is extremely popular on Mangastream and among many young adults all over the world.

It is currently running its 81st volume. One Piece, despite its popularity, was never adapted into an anime series, however. But it was translated into several different languages because of the fame that it caught with the many years it has been going on. Today, One Piece is probably the most popular manga series that every young male in the world prefers reading when compared to any other manga series that belong to the genre. And that is also probably why, the Mangastream website has been translating all of it, despite its very long length.

So, these are all the alternative websites of manga stream. These websites will offer you limitless manga comics seasons and episodes. You can read these comics in the translated forms here. Some of the websites will also provide you with anime based on these manga comics. So, if you are an anime fan, along with being a fan of manga comics, these websites will be a great help for you.

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