Making Room for Your Mental Health at Home

It feels like making time for your mental health anywhere can be difficult, especially if you find that free time is a rarity. Home might be where you have the best chance of doing so, however, because it’s your own space, to do with as you like. Making room for your mental health here doesn’t have to be anything grand, or a change that will require you to overhaul too much, and you might find it’s much easier than you currently believe.

Making self-care a regular part of your routine can have an incredibly positive effect on your outlook going forward, and that might be a result that’s too enticing to ignore.

An Outdoor Space

It’s easy to underestimate how important spending time outside actually is to your mental health. If your routine is pretty busy with working, socializing, or even just being at home, it’s difficult to find the time to go outside and get away from urban environments. Not everyone will struggle to the same degree, but it’s partly why having an outside space can be so beneficial.

You can customize this space however you like as well – finding companies to install patios Penrith can leave you with a multi-purpose social space that can have you combining your social activities with time spent outdoors. Alternatively, you can lean completely into the natural side through gardening or similar practices.


To those who haven’t tried meditation before, it can seem like an indicator of a lifestyle you’re not interested in – something more connected to spirituality and beliefs you might not necessarily connect with. However, this aspect of it is entirely optional, and you might find that the core of meditation is simply taking some time to ground yourself and find a moment of calm. This can be incredibly beneficial when you take it out of the home and learn how to apply it whenever you feel overwhelmed.

If you are skeptical of what this practice can offer, running your eyes over the scientific benefits of the practice might encourage you to at least see if it has something to provide you with.

Doing What You Enjoy

While it might feel as though it goes without saying, sometimes just doing what you enjoy and taking your mind off your anxieties and stresses can provide the escape you’re looking for. What’s difficult about this is that it’s altogether easier said than done. Unwinding with a book, TV show, or game might be what you enjoy, but you might find that trying to enjoy them gives you a sense of guilt for not being productive in some way. Furthermore, you might find it nearly impossible to fully engage with what you’re trying to enjoy, stuck on the responsibilities and concerns that cause you stress in the first place.

When it gets to a certain point, it’s worth considering what professional mental health services can do for you, as they might open your eyes to a more comfortable life you didn’t think was possible.

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