Making a Mobile Game: How Long Does It Take and How Much Does It Cost?

Potential customers often do not quite understand how much time is spent directly on development. Waiting – a week, maximum two. And, at times, the terms specified by the contractor in three to four months are perceived as a desire to break the price. It is important to understand that development is a complex process and its timing depends on several components: the complexity of the functionality, the user interface, as well as individual wishes of the customer. You can learn about various application development technologies, on this website:

Mobile app: creation time

Let’s start with how to make a mobile game. For convenience, we have divided all applications into three categories according to the level of difficulty:


These include mobile applications that:

– contain about five screens;

– work without connecting to databases;

– with manual updating of information;

– do not track user actions;

– no analytical tools.

Most often these are business cards, applications for simple actions, for example, making shopping lists or informing a client about new promotions.

Application development times usually range from 100 to 300 hours (from 1 to 2 months). If a program is being created for one platform, iOS or Android, it is possible to squeeze the timeline down to 70 hours (about two weeks).

Medium difficulty

We include in this category applications that:

– cover several processes;

– contain about 10 screens;

– have integration with the server;

– allow you to create a personal account;

– have additional options: feedback, rating system, authorization via social networks, online payment, etc.

This is the most common category. On average, applications of this level are created in 3-4 months (400 – 600 hours) for one platform and up to 6 months (600-800) for several platforms. With the development of technology, the time to create applications is gradually decreasing.


These are real monsters with several dozen screens that effectively interact with the user, synchronize online, work with various databases and downloaded files. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the performers and the customer.

Such a mobile application can take from 800 hours (6 months) to several years.

Note! The development time for an Android application is usually 20-30% longer than when developing applications for iOS. This is due to the huge fleet of devices on which the program needs to be tested.

What amount does it cost to foster a portable application? The expense of creating applications for iOS or Android is dictated by two principle measures.

The primary standard is the entertainer. For instance, in the event that you live in the United States and request an application from neighborhood designers, then, at that point, its expense will be 2-3 times higher than if experts from Eastern Europe were occupied with it.

The subsequent standard is the intricacy or work force of the application. The greater usefulness and the more troublesome it is to execute, the more costly the application will be.

Summarizing the outcomes, we can say that everything is person. And if you want to learn more about food, then it is best to study mobile vs pc.

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