Make Your Home Stand Out With These Unique Design Ideas

Interior design is all about choosing the right colors, furniture, and other elements which should go together in some way that is appealing to the eyes. There are so many ‘safe’ interior design themes and styles with which you can never go wrong but do they have anything that makes them stand out? Usually not. They are considered safe for a reason: they are timeless designs that go well in all types of homes and most people utilize them. The end result is that almost every house around the corner has a similar design style and theme which eliminates the uniqueness of design.

One way in which you can create a unique design of your own in your interior is to hire the services of a professional interior designer. With their years of experience in designing stunning homes, they should be able to guide you from scratch on how to incorporate a particular design style into your home while still making it unique and spectacular. Here, we will discuss some of the ways in which you can make your home stand out with simple tips and tricks.

Unique Design Ideas

BLK 426A Yishun Ave 11 – 4-ROOM Home Interior Design by Swiss Interior

Choose The Right Colors

Choosing the right colors is the first and the most important step of interior design which will determine other aspects of the designs and the materials you choose from furnishings to fabric. You should have an understanding of how different colors are associated with different moods and emotions. And when you are able to create the right mood by choosing the right colors for a particular room, you will automatically make it stand out.

For example, bright and vivid colors like red, orange, yellow, and bright green create a very uplifting and motivating mood. These are good choices of color for the living room, study room, or kitchen. On the other hand, deep blue, jade, aqua, lilac, and gray give a very calming outlook which is perfect for a bedroom. You can choose different tones of the same color for a room or you can choose a combination of 2-3 colors but be sure that the colors go well together, otherwise, it will create chaos in the design.

Use Wallpaper Wisely

Using wallpapers in interior design is an old school idea, however, you can still use them in a unique way. Instead of covering complete walls with a particular wallpaper, you can use small portions of them on different walls of the house. For example, you can use a small rectangular portion of the living room wallpaper and cover the main wall behind the sofa with it. In the bedroom, you can cover a portion of the wall behind the bed with the wallpaper. This technique will create a unique design since wall to wall wallpapers are out of trend. It will also cost you less as compared to full-wall wallpapers.

Be Creative With Fabrics And Textures

The thing which makes a house stand out is how you make use of simple things in a creative way which gives an ordinary design a wow factor. Even if you use the right colors in design, if you do not add texture in it, the whole design will look bland and washed out. Textures help to bring about a character in the design which immediately makes it appear unique and interesting. Ways to incorporate textures in the design include adding wall panels, using carved furniture, and adding plush rugs and carpets. Similarly, you can be creative with fabrics to bring character to the design. Try to add textures by using different kinds of textures like velvet, jute, fur, and plush elements.

Incorporate Visual Tricks In Design

In order to make a room appear different than what it actually is, you can incorporate visual tricks in the design. Use ideas that make a small room look spacious or a cramped space appear fresher. For example, you can install a big mirror on one wall of a room to increase its visual space. Opt for hanging sinks and counters in the kitchen and bathroom. Install plenty of lights to create a fresh and spacious feel in the living room. Use multifunctional furniture that folds or doubles up as hidden storage. It will not only make the area decluttered but also add a visual element of surprise.

Use Interesting Decor Items

Lastly, try to use interesting and unique decor items in the design. This could be in the form of wall hangings, antique pieces, ceramic motifs, and different colored lights. Just adding a few of such interesting decor items will immediately transform the room’s appearance and make it look unique, elegant, and royal.

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