Maintenance of Your Vinyl Fence

Whether it is a commercial property or a residential area, PVC fences have become the most obvious choice nowadays. For centuries though, people preferred wood fencing for its unique design as well as for the fact that wood gives a more real and a traditional feel. However, the recent development in PVC fences has added more advantages to using vinyl fences that wood does not possess. It has four times the flexibility and five times the tensile strength of wood making it a top choice among customers. Wood on the other hand is more prone to decay and may need to be replaced in a couple of years whereas these fences are more durable and long lasting and a better option for you in the long run.

The one thing that we all love about vinyl fences is that it is basically 100% maintenance free. The onetime investment that you make in buying is all the money you will spend; no additional money will be spent on maintaining or repairing it. However, we have come up with some well thought-out tips and tricks that can really make your PVC fences shine. By following these simple and easy steps you will be able to keep your fences looking like they had just been put up yesterday for years to come.

7 easy and simple steps for maintaining PVC fences:

Step 1: Pick up that Hose

As much as we don’t like dirt, it will eventually find its way on the fence one day or another. Strong winds mixed with heavy rains can carry dirt particles from miles away and deposit these dirt particles on the surface of the fences. The best way to deal with is quite simple; you pick up the water hose and spray the unwanted particles away. Yes, it is just that simple. No hard labor is required for you to keep your fences clean however if you want to go a step further you can use a mild detergent mixed with water for that first day clean and sheen look.

Step 2: Get rid of stubborn stains

Sometimes we encounter stains that are just a little bit harder to remove with water. We find these stains on our clothes, car seats, sofas and to no surprise at all sometimes you will find them on your smooth vinyl fences. But don’t you worry at all. No matter how stubborn the stain maybe, our fences have been designed in a way that even these cannot leave a permanent mark. If the stains you find on the fences are greasy or oily, they will be completely gone with the use of mineral spirit. Use a cloth to wipe away the stain once the mineral spirit has been applied to the affected area. After all this has been done, pick up the water hose once again and give it that much needed last rinse and viola, the shine of your fence is back!

Step 3: Check stability

Though this problem is rare and you may never even encounter it however this step has been included for that 1% chance that it may occur. No matter how properly and strategically you think that your vinyl fence has been put up, you need to keep a day where you can regularly check its stability. Extremes of weather like the freezing temperatures of winter, the buildup of snow and ice followed by periods of no snow can usually disturb the ground where the fence is stood. Also kids playing around with fences may be able to able to loosen fences, so once in a while take a round in your backyard and check for instability. If by chance you do any loose post, you can fix the problem by adjusting the earth around that particular post.

Step 4: Keep a close eye on the fence post caps of the

Though it is not something that is very common but again it is something that can happen. It is usually due to the unpredictable weather and expansion and contraction processes that take place, which is mostly not in our control. There are also kids playing outside on a regular basis and sometimes the ball is kicked in ways that it smashes directly on the post caps of the fences loosening it; this is another process that we cannot control. However, this has a very easy solution, simply take specially formulated PVC-fence glue that is relatively easy to find and just glue the post cap back on.

Step 5: Fix the broken pieces

Though the tensile strength of PVC is extremely high and more durable as compared to wood, heavy objects can inevitably cause damage to these fences. The heavy objects that we are talking about in this case can be either fallen trees or a wrong turn taken by a car that crashes into the fences. Now these are almost hypothetical situations but we want to keep you prepared for any kind of situation that may come up. For any pieces that are broken, replacement pieces can easily be ordered and installed as seen fit. This will largely depend on the severity of the damage that has been caused.

Step 6: Fix the gates

Sometimes the gate that comes with the vinyl fences may just be too heavy for its hinges or posts and create problems. To deal with this, wheels can be added on the bottom of the gate which will keep the gate upright and more in line with fence and will work as smooth as you like.

Step 7: Take a chill-pill

At the end just remember that the best thing about the vinyl fencing you have installed is that they are maintenance free. Most of the steps that we talked about above are steps that you may not even need to worry about. So just sit back and relax and enjoy the sun on your backyard.

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