Maintaining Hygiene of Salons and Clinics

No other area is subjected to germs and bacteria more than beauty salons, spas, hair care salons or health clinics. And there is no need to explain why. But there is still a need to shed light on the proper cleaning of these places.

While cleaning is regarded as half faith it is also linked to aesthetics and presentable appearance of the place. However for salons and clinics, you need to go beyond the traditional cleaning approach to kill 99.9% of germs. In fact if you want your shop to stand out in the plenty of salons to welcome more customers, cleaning is the key to it. From doors, to handles, chairs to tables, each and every thing needs to be highly anticipated and hygienic to avoid disease spread. If you are still doubtful about where to start the cleaning process, scroll just a little more!

Clear the Place

The first thing anyone sees after entering your salon or clinic is the ‘place’. So make it tidy, and as clean as it can be. Put the junk in the bin and also the bin should not be filled with junk till the tip. And when I say place, the salon or clinic floor matters the most since it is where most of the footsteps place. Wipe the floor with high-quality cleaning products. Never leave your dishes or crockery in the salon unclean in case you have your lunch in the premises. It also leaves a band impression.

Wash Towel

One of the most overheard yet relevant Commercial Cleaning rules for salons is to use a new tower for each client. This thing also falls into salon cleaning and greatly prevents the spreading of any disease. Moreover, using a new towel for every client also ensures your own health as well. Moreover, washing the towels should be a regular practice, and at a high temperature to ensure germs killing. The recommended temperature to kill bacteria from your salon laundry is at 100°C. Also only remove the towels from the dryer once they are ‘thoroughly dried’.

Disinfect Couches, Chairs, and Sittings

Salon couches and sitting areas are also important to pay heed to. For hygienic parameters, you should always ensure disinfecting no matter what. However if the furniture is made up of PVC or vinyl, there are less chances of germs since the material is easy to clean. Use couch rolls or hygiene rolls. But do not use the ethanol contained roll because it can make the furniture prone to cracks and hence germs can travel into those lines and there can be more chances to get infected then to remain intact.

Clean the Equipment

And now is the most important part. The cleaning of equipment with thorough guidance is something that is highly recommended for salon maintenance. To avoid cross infection, sterilize the using equipment including scissors, cuticle nippers, tweezers, etc. should be sterilized in an autoclave. For cutlery like bowls, dishes or glass, use lukewarm to hot water and quality detergent. After proper cleaning, store the equipment in a dry and cleaned container or in an UV cabinet.

To ensure the proper maintenance it is important to make a schedule for thorough cleaning or each and every thing present in your beauty care center or health clinic. On the other hand, the frequently touched places should be cleaned on daily-basis to avoid major infection.

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