Low Melting Alloy for High-Quality and Recycle Products

In the manufacturing industry, the low melting point alloy, also known as fusible alloy, plays an important role. Like its name, the fusible alloy is a metal that has a low melting point, commonly below 300 oC. The low melting point makes the fusible alloy is more benefits than the pure metal. As you probably know that the metal has a high melting point. Therefore, in order to melt the metal, it will require a lot of energy. However, by using the fusible allow with the low melting point, this problem can be solved. There are several types of fusible alloy. Normally, the alloy is made from the mixture of Bismuth with other metals such as zinc, lead, cadmium, and other metals. The fusible alloy has been used in several applications such as tube bending, safety plugs for broiler, tilt switches, lens blocking, and others.

There are several companies that provide the alloy with a low melting point. One of the best companies in the Metaconcept Group. This company provides high-quality fusible alloy. The melting point of the fusible alloy that is made by this company is between 37 oC – 227 oC. There are several types of fusible alloy in this company such as bismuth-based, non-ferrous alloy, and others. This company only provides the best quality of fusible alloy. They maintain the quality of the fusible alloy through some verification steps after productions. As a result, the produced fusible alloy has high-quality. They also provide the fusible alloy that is made from the high purity metal alloy for several applications such as electroforming, moulds, dies, patterns, and setting. In addition, the fusible alloys from the Metaconcept group are also used in several medical types of equipment such as eyewear, shield protection from radiotherapy, and others. The fusible alloys are also used in the industry that needs to use an alloy with a low melting point. On the other hand, the fusible alloy is also recycled products. Therefore, it can be used for reducing waste and environmentally friendly. If you are interested to use any fusible alloy from this company, you can contact them or visit their website to get some information.

Well, the Metaconcept Group is not only well known as the producer for the fusible alloy. This company is also popular as the tin sheet metal suppliers. The tin sheet metal is one of the forms of tin-based alloys. On the other hand, the tin-based alloy is a part of the Metaconcept Group’s laminates. The other forms of the tin-based alloys are plates, discs, and foil with or without fluxes. Like its name, the tin-based alloy is made from the mixture of tin with other metals. The examples of the tin-based alloy are tin-lead alloy and tin-coper-antimony alloys. This company also produces the laminated that is made from the pure tin. All types of tin-based alloy can be used in several applications such as hear exchanger, silverware, packaging and labeling, creation of metallic braids, the combination of electrical components, and others.

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