Looking to boost your powers in PUBg? Try these cool hacks


If you are playing PUBG then you would have come across many issues related to the overall speed and the performance in the game especially if you are using mobile. In PUBG survival is more important than the number of kills that you do and the one who survives till the end is considered as the winner to enjoy the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. You would see many people using various PUBG cheat or hacks for this. The more you play, the better the rankings are. But you would always need powers to score and survive till the end of the game. Here is the list of tips that would help you to boost the power in the game.

Set up your profile properly

The first step that you would need to take while starting with the PUBG journey is to set up your profile in the correct way. If you are a new user then you would need to create a new profile. You can either do it through Facebook, Google Play, or Twitter. You can also use the Guest account. You can always sync the progress if you connect your profile with Twitter or Facebook. It would also be easy for you to team up with your friends if you log in with your social accounts.

Choose the right option between TPP and FPP

The next step might be optional but it is always recommended to consider. You can always choose the First-Person view or the Third person view according to your preference. All you would need to do is to select the Mode Option and choose between the First-Person View or Third Person View.

Adjust your mobile screen for Notch

Display notch is known to be the mainstream feature since 2018 which comes in different sizes and shapes. You will find Tencent got optimized for notch screens for PUBG. You can enable it by selecting the settings menu, choose the graphics, select Nonstandard screen and then select the notch. Post this you can restart the game to get the settings enabled.

Choose the right one between Duo, Squad, and Solo

You can either play solo or with friends in PUBG. You will find various modes while playing the game such as Duo, Solo, or Squad. In Solo mode you can play alone and while in Duo mode you can play with your friend. With Squad mode you can play with other people in a team. For this, you can select the mode, select team, and select the right option Duo, Solo, or Squad according to your preference.

Choose the right quality graphics

If you are using your basic phone to play PUBG then you might experience frame drops or lags while playing the game. Hence it is important to pay attention to the graphics as well. You can choose the graphics settings by selecting the Settings icon and then choosing the Graphics. Here it is recommended to select the auto-adjust graphics and make sure it is turned on. This will help to lower the graphics setting when the performance drops.

Look for Server ping

PUBG game is dependent on the internet as well as the servers. Hence it is important to check the server ping before you start the game. Server ping is known to be the response time that you get from the server. It is generally the time that bullet takes to get fired from the phone after pushing the trigger. You will find Tencent offering up to 5 ping servers to choose from. These server pings come with different ping times and you can choose the lowest one with the time of 30ms and below. It is always advisable to stick to only one server. You can do this by selecting the mode right below the start button and clicking on the option of choosing your server in the top left corner.

Enable the Left Side trigger button

You will also get the option to add a trigger button on the left-hand side of the screen through settings while playing the game. It is very useful for knocking out or scooping out your opponent. You can enable this feature by clicking on the settings, choose the basic, select the Display left side fire button, and then Always on.

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