Looking After Your Motorhome at the End of the Season

When the season comes to an end, many of us prepare to hang up our motorhome keys at the end of a good few months of travelling. However, you should never just leave the motorhome as is. There are so many things you can do now before the start of the next season. What’s more, you will be much happier if you get them sorted now rather than later. Let’s take a look at what you should do.

Clear Everything Out

Try to get as much as you can out of the motorhome and give the interior an amazing deep clean. Even if you clean regularly, chances are that things are still just a bit worn after several months on the road. This gives you the opportunity to remove everything and take it elsewhere, such as back to your own home for the winter.

If you have been travelling for quite some time, there is a chance that you will have picked up a lot of things on the road. Therefore, you need to take this as an opportunity to sit down and work out what you actually want to keep. Get the motorhome looking like new in time for the next season!

Sort the Mechanical Issues

You have been out on the roads for many months now, and you might have picked up a few mechanical issues while driving. Usually, these can be fairly minor so you might just want to keep trucking on the road and make do. However, since it is now the end of the season, you might want to look into finding the best motorhome repairs Scotland to fix them.

Take the time to get everything repaired, or get the repairs scheduled in for the off-season. Now is the time that you want to get everything seen to, otherwise you could end up delayed at the start of next year’s season when you would rather be on the road again.

Know How to Winter the Vehicle

Every brand of motorhome is slightly different, so make sure you find out from the manufacturers about what needs to be done to winter the vehicle. For example, some might recommend that you fully empty the water tank, while others might need you to leave a little bit in it.

Find out important information like how often you should run the engine again too. Even if you have no plans, you don’t know when a spontaneous off-season adventure might spring up, and you want your motorhome to be in the perfect condition for it.

Preparing your motorhome for the off-season is likely to be quite the task, but it will be an extremely rewarding one in the long run. You can make sure that everything is perfect in time for when you want to next hit the road. Take your time to get organised, and make sure that everything is perfect before you lock the doors for the last time this season.

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