Lifestyle Trends Forecasted for 2020

With the onset of technology and its continuous progress, everything around us is escalating at an exponential rate and transforming largely. It is entirely accurate to say that change, in this era, is the only thing constant. There are changes that have been experienced in people’s thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and behavior.

In order to keep up with the changes in people’s lifestyles, the providers create rough forecasts for trends in the future years. Let us take a look at a few lifestyle trends that have been forecasted for 2020.

1. Increase in Social Responsibility

We all know how we are facing social problems on a global level and how they need to be addressed worldwide for a better world to live in. There is hunger, poverty, violations, and abuse everywhere you go. People are becoming more aware of the problems their fellow humans are facing and they are trying more and more to contribute to making their lives better. A recent trend in social responsibility programs is seen across the world. Even companies now have separate departments that deal with community services. Also, philanthropists like Elizabeth Segerstrom are stepping forward in helping the less fortunate. In the next years, it will be increased as well.

2. Bigger role of Technology

Technology, as said earlier, is getting more and more involved in our lives. It is making our lives easier and more convenient. Whether we like it or not, its role in our lives will definitely be expanded in the next year because of all the technological breakthroughs. Everything that we use is now getting more sophisticated and smart with the help of tech. We cannot steer clear of its effects and it is, in fact, a pleasant thing because it means more accessibility and more convenience for us. Take the example of smart homes as they continue to rely more on technological advancements. Now you can not only monitor the security of your house from anywhere through a wi-fi connection, but you can operate different areas of your property without a hassle. You can now even install AI-operated burglary alarms that can auto-detect any intruders and inform the local authorities within a few seconds.

3. Environmental Friendly Choices

We all believe that climate change is real and we should be doing something to delay it or avoid it altogether. However, we have only kept this in theory and have not actually and practically done anything substantial for the cause. Now that we are seeing the repercussions of our actions on the environment, we know and see that it is happening and there is something to be done about it. So, it is quite likely that people will almost entirely make environmental friendly choices in the next year and onwards. They are shifting currently as well but the next year will bring more informed decisions on their part.

4. Organic Options

These can be seen even in today’s year that people are now preferring to buy organic items rather than processed goods. This trend is definitely going to become even stronger in 2020 because of the raised concerns that pertain to consuming processed goods. Organic choices are safer and more environmentally friendly. People are even growing some regular fruits and vegetables in their own homes so they may enjoy a healthier source of nutrition. When it comes to cosmetics, people are going for more herbal things due to animal cruelty and long-term harmful effects on skin and hair. Using fresh foods instead of canned ones is also expected to further gain momentum in the coming year.

5. Minimalist Lifestyle

Last but not least, the trend that is going to come forward in 2020 is that of a minimalist lifestyle. It means that people will prefer having less and buying less than what they are doing this year. It can also be translated as saying that instead of buying a lot of small things or a lot of relatively less expensive things, people will buy one good big thing that can be expensive or not. The home setting trends will also shift towards being minimal. People will also prefer to have few clothes. It will not be wrong to say that quality will be given more weight than quantity.

6. Less Hoarding

You must have seen your parents collect some seemingly unnecessary stuff at home by saying that it ‘might’ come up for use or it ‘might’ be needed by them in the future. Well, this is called hoarding. It basically means that you keep on collecting things you do not need for just-in-case scenarios and end up hoarding a bunch of unnecessary and damaged goods. Well now, owing to social media blogging and lifestyle influencers, this is changing as de-cluttering is being promoted everywhere to save space and get rid of unnecessary things. These things can even be donated to be used by someone else. So, a trend of de-cluttering or less hoarding is going to be seen in 2020 for sure.


In a nutshell, the aforementioned trends are predictions based on the current behavior of the people worldwide. They are getting more and more aware of environment-related problems. As a result, they are looking to change their patterns of behavior in a way to make the impact of their consumption positive on the third parties. These are interesting changes and if they are done and adopted, our society is likely to reap fruits of the current ongoing efforts in the years to come.

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