Lexi Rivera Net Worth: The Wealth of a Rising Gymnastics Star

Lexi Rivera Net Worth has been a topic of interest for many of her fans and followers as she continues to rise in fame and popularity as a gymnast and a social media influencer. With her impressive gymnastics skills and engaging social media presence, Lexi has become a role model and inspiration for many young people worldwide.

In this article, you will delve deeper into Lexi Rivera’s net worth, her rise to fame as a gymnast and social media star, her biggest accomplishments, how she earns money from social media, and her plans for the future. So let’s get started and explore the world of Lexi Rivera!

Early Life

Lexi Rivera was born on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California, USA. She grew up in a family of gymnasts, with her sister, Olivia, also a gymnast. Lexi began training in gymnastics at a young age and showed exceptional talent early on.

She trained at the Gym-Max Gymnastics Club in Costa Mesa, California, under the tutelage of coaches Valorie Kondos Field and Howie Liang. Lexi’s hard work and dedication paid off as she quickly rose through the ranks and became a highly accomplished gymnast. Her success in gymnastics would eventually pave the way for her career as a social media influencer.


Lexi Rivera’s journey in gymnastics began when she was just five years old, and it quickly became a passion for her. She trained intensively, devoting many hours daily to perfecting her skills and routines. By the time she was a teenager, Lexi was already a rising star in gymnastics, competing at national and international levels.

One of their major accomplishments as a gymnast was being a member of the USA Gymnastics Junior National Team in 2017. She was also a two-time qualifier for the prestigious Nastia Liukin Cup, an invitation-only event for the top-level gymnasts in the country. In addition, Lexi has won numerous regional and state championships throughout her career.

Despite her impressive accomplishments, Lexi faced some setbacks and challenges in her gymnastics journey. In 2019, she suffered a serious ankle injury that kept her out of competition for several months. However, she worked hard to recover and was able to return to competition in early 2020.

Today, Lexi Rivera continues to train and compete in gymnastics while pursuing her career as a social media influencer. Her dedication and hard work in both fields have earned her a large and devoted following, and she continues to inspire young people worldwide to pursue their passions and dreams.

How Lexi Rivera Became a Social Media Influencer?

Lexi Rivera became a social media influencer due to her natural charm, relatable personality, and success as a gymnast. Her journey to becoming a social media influencer started when she created her YouTube channel in 2010 to share videos of her gymnastics routines and competitions.

She quickly gained a following of fans who admired her skill and dedication to the sport. As she continued to upload videos, she started to showcase her personality and interests outside of gymnastics, which helped to humanize her and make her more relatable to her viewers

 In 2015, she created her Instagram account, which further helped increase her following and reach. Her popularity grew as she collaborated with other social media influencers like Island Boys. Lexi Rivera has millions of followers on social media today, and her influence extends beyond just gymnastics.

She has become a role model for many young people inspired by her hard work, determination, and positive attitude. Through her social media presence, Lexi Rivera has connected with her fans on a deeper level, shared her personal experiences, and inspired others to pursue their passions.

How Much Money Does Lexi Rivera Make from Social Media?

Lexi Rivera has a massive following on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, which has made her a highly sought-after influencer. According to reports, Lexi Rivera makes significant money from social media. As of 2022, her net worth is around $3 million.

Her YouTube channel has over 12 million subscribers, and her Instagram account has over 8 million followers. This following translates to significant earnings from brand deals, sponsored content, and advertisements. Lexi has collaborated with several brands, including Target, American Eagle, and Hollister, to promote their products and services to her followers.

Additionally, she has worked with several gaming and beauty companies, generating considerable income. Lexi’s social media presence has been vital to her success, allowing her to connect with her followers, build a loyal fan base, and earn a significant income.

Importance of Brand Deals for Lexi Rivera’s Income

Brand deals play a crucial role in the income of social media influencers like Lexi Rivera. As a popular social media personality, Lexi has amassed a large following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Brands recognize the value of this large following and are willing to pay influencers like Lexi to promote their products to their audience.

These deals can include sponsored posts, product placements, and collaborations with the brand. For Lexi, brand deals provide a significant source of income that supplements her earnings from gymnastics and other endeavors. It also allows her to promote products that align with her values and interests while providing her audience with recommendations for products they may enjoy.

Her collaboration with major brands and businesses has also contributed to her substantial earnings. With her popularity on the rise, Lexi Rivera net worth 2022 is expected to continue growing as she expands her reach and influence in the digital world.

Other Sources of Income

Apart from her social media earnings, Lexi Rivera has various other sources of income that contribute to her net worth. As a successful gymnast, she has received sponsorships and endorsements from multiple brands. Lexi has also been a part of the “Brat” digital entertainment network, where she has appeared in various web series.

This has helped her gain even more popularity among the younger generation and opened up new opportunities. Lexi also sells her merchandise, which includes clothing, phone cases, and accessories, to name a few. With her growing popularity and success, it is safe to assume that Lexi Rivera’s net worth will only continue to increase with time.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Besides gymnastics and social media, Lexi Rivera has many other interests and hobbies. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and often shares pictures of them on her social media platforms. Lexi is also a music fan and loves to listen to different genres of music, especially while working out or traveling.

She has also expressed her love for animals and has two dogs named Bosley and Koda. In addition, Lexi enjoys traveling and exploring new places and has shared pictures and videos of her trips to various locations around the world. These interests and hobbies provide a break from her busy career and add to her relatability and charm among her fans and followers.

What is Lexi Rivera net worth?

As of 2022, Lexi Rivera’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. While her income streams have primarily come from her career as a gymnast, she has also accumulated significant wealth through her social media presence.

With over 25 million followers on TikTok, nearly 12 million subscribers on YouTube, and over 8 million followers on Instagram, Lexi has become one of the world’s most influential social media personalities like Khaby Lame.

Her brand partnerships and sponsored content deals have significantly contributed to her net worth. Lexi’s net worth is expected to increase significantly in the coming years as she grows her online presence and expands her brand.

Comparing Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth to Other Gymnasts

Regarding gymnastics, Lexi Rivera net worth is just one piece of the puzzle. Many other gymnasts have also significantly contributed to the sport and earned impressive fortunes. Some of the biggest names in gymnastics, such as Simone Biles and Aly Raisman, have net worths in the millions of dollars. Comparing Lexi’s net worth to these athletes can provide valuable insight into the world of professional gymnastics and the financial rewards of success in the sport.

Future Plans

Lexi Rivera’s plans include continuing her successful career as a gymnast and a social media influencer. As a gymnast, she has her sights set on competing at the highest level and representing her country in international competitions such as the Olympics.

Lexi also plans to expand her social media reach and explore different platforms to connect with her fans and followers. In addition, she hopes to use her platform to inspire and uplift others, particularly young girls interested in pursuing a career in gymnastics or social media. Lexi Rivera aims to continue positively impacting the world and achieving her dreams.

Personal Life and Relationships

While Lexi Rivera’s rise to fame as a gymnast and social media influencer has been well-documented, she has also been relatively private about her personal life and relationships. However, it is known that Lexi has a close-knit family, including her younger brother, fellow social media influencer Brent Rivera. The siblings frequently collaborate on content for their social media channels and strongly bond on and off-screen.

Regarding romantic relationships, Lexi has not publicly disclosed any information about her dating life. It is clear that Lexi places a high value on her privacy and personal relationships and focuses on sharing her talents and positive messages with her followers.

Philanthropic Efforts and Charitable Donations

Philanthropic efforts and charitable donations are important aspects of Lexi Rivera’s life and career. As a social media influencer and a role model for many young people, Lexi believes in giving back to her community and positively impacting the world.

She has been involved in various charitable organizations and has donated to causes close to her heart, including mental health awareness and animal welfare. Through her philanthropic efforts, Lexi hopes to inspire others to make a difference in the world and to use their platforms for good. Her generosity and compassion have earned her respect and admiration from fans and followers alike.

Controversies and Criticisms Surrounding Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera has faced her fair share of controversies and criticisms as a rising social media influencer. One of the biggest controversies surrounding Lexi was her involvement in a prank video that sparked outrage among viewers. Many felt that the prank was insensitive and inappropriate and called for Lexi to apologize.

Additionally, Lexi has faced criticism for endorsing certain products, with some accusing her of promoting products solely for financial gain. Despite these controversies and criticisms, Lexi has continued to rise in popularity and maintain a loyal fan base. She has also taken steps to address and learn from her mistakes, showing a willingness to grow and improve as a public figure.


In conclusion, Lexi Rivera is a talented gymnast and social media influencer whose net worth has grown steadily in recent years. From her early days in gymnastics to her rise in popularity on social media, Lexi has shown the world what dedication, hard work, and perseverance can achieve.

Her major accomplishments as a gymnast and her success as a social media influencer have made her a role model and inspiration for many young people. Lexi Rivera Net Worth 2022 reflects her hard work and success in both fields, and her plans and aspirations promise to continue inspiring others.

FAQs about Lexi Rivera net worth

Are Brent and Lexi Rivera twins?

No, Brent Rivera and Lexi Rivera are siblings but not twins, and Brent is the older brother of Lexi.

What is Lexi Rivera’s real name?

Lexi Rivera’s full name is Alexa Brooke Rivera. While she is often referred to by her nickname “Lexi,” her legal name is Alexa

How much is Lexi Rivera net worth?

Lexi’s exact income is not publicly known, but she earns significant money from multiple sources. As a gymnast, she earns money from competitions, endorsements, and sponsorships. She also earns money from her social media presence, collaborates with brands, and creates sponsored content. Her YouTube channel also brings in ad revenue.

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