Let The Auction Begin – How To Snap Up The Best Car?

What are the two groundbreaking and formative purchases we make in adulthood? According to the research, it’s a car and a house. The first serious step into the world of adults is a car, a sign of independence and freedom; the next step in your property which is a sign of settling in.

Buying a car compared to buying a house is easier, yet it requires solid financial income as well. If you can’t and don’t want to get into debt for the sake of having a car, there’s a much more affordable way to choose – car auctions.

The auctions give us a chance to become the owners of decent cars without spending a fortune. When switching your mind toward this direction, it’s important to consider some essential rules, otherwise, it may turn into a negative experience.

An online car auction is a convenient and modern way to place bids on the car, as the main difference with the traditional style is a physical presence and on-hand catalogs. Potential buyers place the bids against one another until offering the highest price for the car, typically it exceeds the baseline price.

Online auctions are less tiresome than traditional ones, as all the information is always at your disposal; however, it’s worth doing some research, if you want to get the best car possible.

1. Preparation with basics

Before looking for an auction company, you need to make it clear what type of car you need, what features are essential, what the budget is, etc. Moreover, the budget needs to be extended, considering the fees, taxes, cost of inspection, repairs, and other additional costs.

After defining what you need, start looking for a place that can satisfy your demands. Finding the right auction house is crucial, as their flawless and properly planned work makes the core of the deal. Internet research can provide us with their website information, independent reviews, inventory, policies, etc. Check the catalog with the offers to narrow down the list with the most appealing options, as it will help you to focus on certain items without wasting the time.

The better choice they offer, the more chances you have to find the car of yours. SCA auto auction in Charlotte, for instance, prides itself on the customer’s trust, as around 2000 cars are added daily to their network of auctions. It’s a clear sign that the sellers are sure about the safety of the company, and the buyers will be offered a wide choice.

2. Car inspection

Another important option to consider – physical access to the car – check whether the company has such a feature, as it is the key to the transparency of their performance. The detailed description of the car may not be as helpful as the personal inspection, as minor details may be left out – stains on the seats, unnoticeable scratches, etc.

It will also be beneficial to have the HPI check conducted, as it provides up-to-the-moment history of the car: previous owners, recorded accidents, change of plates, service history, thefts, etc. The cost is around $20, depending on the agency. Low price – high level of confidence about the chosen vehicles.

3. Check the rules

You can’t just register at the website, log in and start bidding. It is important to get to know the rules, as they have a direct influence on your performance as well. You may be expecting the traditional style of bidding – everyone gets together and the show begins; however, the live sessions can’t be accessed by the buyers with a free membership, only the premium subscribers, which should also be paid for.

The most common ways of placing the bids are ‘pre-bidding”, ‘buy it now’, and ‘live auction; they should all be inspected with regard to your needs and budget.

If you are planning to upgrade your car park regularly, it’s worth subscribing to the Premium plan, as it will give you more freedom for action and give access to live bidding.

4. Ask for help

If you have any doubts or questions, you can always reach online assistance and trained specialists will give you a hand with the problems. Besides, asking friends is always a good idea, as they can share their experiences and observations of the whole process.

5. Bidding

Before the bidding, check all the specifications and documents once again, just to be sure about your decision – double-check never hurts.

The bidding process is quite exciting and resembles a competition sometimes and the result is worth fighting for – the long-awaited car with the freedom it gives. However, make sure you don’t get too competitive, as you risk losing more than you expected.

6. Car ownership

After paying all the price and all the fees, take the car to the garage to have all the repairs done instantly, and enjoy your new ownership.

Online auctions are a great way to get a decent car (or maybe you just need a salvage for the details, which is even easier) with the money you are ready to spend on it. With constant Internet access, you can scan their online catalog and check if there is something you are willing to buy. The whole process is quite simple: investigation-inspection-bidding-winning- ownership. Considering the price, you can upgrade the make of the car every few months, every time you get tired of it and want something new.

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