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Over the years, digital media has been rapidly evolving, as well as the many platforms that you can consider digital media as well. There are constantly increasing platform types which are appearing out of thin air that are counting more towards digital media than ever before.

What is digital media, you ask. We will get into that here.

Of course, the standard of digital media involves using images, audio and video as the primary source, but with the world of social media, websites, and even just raw data, these are all being integrated into the family as well. In this guide, we’re going to talk about one in particular, which is the chatbot (also known as smartbot) in conjunction with social media and how it is quickly becoming a leading resource to deliver digital media throughout various platforms.

How Chatbots Work

In the past, chatbots were pretty simple. You programmed a sequence of answers, and then set triggers that would be read and interpreted by the chatbot to shoot out the answers that were programmed by you. However, in the past, you normally had to do some actual programming to chatbot, and they weren’t very popular on websites like social media.

Sure, you had helpdesk bots that somewhat helped, but the majority of chatbots were on text-based platforms like regular chat messengers of the past (Yahoo, ICQ, MSN Messenger, etc.), and also more importantly mIRC servers. Today however, it’s easier to program a bot than ever before (you don’t actually have to know a programming language for starters), and you can integrate them with social media. The majority of businesses actually use them on Facebook Messenger.

Integrating Digital Media the Right Way

When you’re using a chatbot, one of the biggest problems that people often faced was that they didn’t like talking to a robot. Fortunately, with apps like ManyChat, you can greatly increase the personality of your bot and make it seem like someone’s actually talking to a person. Need to step in once in a while, or speak to someone who’s wanting to talk to you directly? That’s easy. Simply hop onto the Live Chat, pause your chatbot, and start talking.

Aside from this factor, you can import things like MEME’s, as well as animated gifs, emoticons, emoji’s, and much more into your chatbot’s responses, as well as add “typing” timers, so it appears that your chatbot is actually typing for a little bit like a real person would. Some people are so good with their ManyChat bots that you don’t even know you’re talking to one!


The main thing when it comes to using chatbots as a leading resource in social media is having the right training course to guide you through the process successfully. You want to get the best out of your digital media experience for you and your customers, so they’ll enjoy actually getting ahold of you, getting the answers they need, and more. In order to do this, you can count on one team of Smart Bot Marketers to give you the efficient training you need to build the best bots for your business.

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