Kitchen Design: Small All-White Kitchen

White kitchens have to stand the test of time; the simple and sophisticated kitchen leaves you with much room for experimentation. If you have a passion for changing your white and gold kitchen to look like heaven, you should consider the space as a canvas to work upon. A small all-white kitchen needs you to work upon very carefully because it can end up looking dull if not done well.

There are many hard surfaces in modern all-white kitchens, such as floorings, countertops, cabinetry, etc. Therefore, it is important to keep everything in mind while planning your kitchen. Read more to find out more about small all-white kitchen designs.

Best Small All-White Kitchen Designs

Implement these ideas in your kitchen to make it look all classy, elegant, and yet make it warm and inviting.

1. Assimilate Natural Lighting

Use windows and natural light as a major part of your all-white-kitchen designs. It will help you make the kitchen look bright, natural, and even bigger. In addition to this, it will break the visual monotony and compliment the white surfaces without even creating a cold vibe.

Using a window to drift light into your room, will not only make your kitchen to be well-lit but also provide excessive ventilation. As you know, ventilation is another essential in modern all white kitchens.

If you do not have enough space to mould out through the window, do not worry. You can still allow natural light into your kitchen by installing a tube style-skylight. A tube-style skylight is easy to install and inexpensive. In addition to that, it is useful in providing a beam of natural light in nearly every white space.

Several other options are available as alternates to natural light, such as modern light bulbs in natural shades. Also, a nice combination of ambient and task lighting sources can add elegance to small all-white kitchen designs.

2. Wood and White Kitchen: An Elegant Match

White kitchen suits the best with wood as they create stunning contrast. Try to incorporate natural wood tones in the kitchen as a whole in the white component frame. One benefit of combining wood with a white kitchen is that any colour of the wood, light and dark, will work their best. In addition to that, wood is available in many different textures, thus helping in creating gorgeous designs to accentuate cabinets in your kitchen.

3. Install Stainless Steel Cupboards

Another great option for making your all white modern kitchen more gorgeous is to use stainless steel. White colour and stainless steel complement each other so well that you can use stainless steel appliances such as refrigerator, oven, stove, etc. They also go best with Caesarstone and quartz kitchen tops.

In addition to this, stainless steel provides a modern look to your kitchen with minimal expenses. Also, if you find that the look is too modern and shiny for your kitchen, you can add wooden touch by installing wooden cupboards or wooden areas.

4. Get Creative with the Furniture

Your modern all-white kitchen is a canvas to work upon. If your small all-white kitchen is adjacent to your dining room or seating inside your kitchen, it is a great idea to use creative furniture. Use chairs with pattern fabrics or graphic patterns with mild colour and avoid poppy colour. Instead, use soft hues such as green, pastel shades, mud yellow, etc., as your chair covers.

Paint the barstool and other wooden furniture in dark brown colour or black colour. Ensure that all the colours complement each other. We suggest making a 3D/2D model of your kitchen with the preferred colours. It will help you visualize the combinations and make the best decision for your all-white kitchen.

5. Add Pendant Lights

If you are fond of metal and brass finish interiors, it is best to use pendant lights as an accessory in your kitchen. Complement the kitchen style with the rest of your house. Use pendant lights in metal and brass to give your kitchen a warm feel. Dry brass and copper have natural warm skin. Hence, they provide a classic, elegant and historic look. The combo also helps in keeping the kitchen in a neutral tone.

6. Rugs to the Rescue

When in doubt, use a rug! Rugs are the best textile objects that you can use in your all-white kitchen. Additionally, using rugs has been the most followed trend, especially in areas that have cold weather. You can place the rug near your cooktop or around the cabinet area.

If you are unsure where to place the rug and which colour to buy, always go with the basic colours. For example, buy a black rug with patterns and prints in white and place it near your sink. It will help your feet keep warm while adding the subtle classic touch to your all-white kitchen.

7. Pearl White Accessories

It sounds like a bit too much white when you visualize pearly white accessories in your all-white kitchen, right? It will look whitey white only when you have not added a pinch of different colours anywhere in your kitchen. If you have wooden cupboards or stainless-steel compartments, or a touch of colour in the handles and taps, using pearly white accessories will only add to the look.

Imagine a white cupboard with glass in the middle and a wooden handle, that will look amazing with white cutlery displayed. If it still looks overwhelming in your kitchen, you can add a hint of coloured accessories to create a soothing contrast with your white objects.

8. Go for an Accent Wall

When you want to add a little bit of soothing colour to your kitchen, make it look like a white kitchen, and note that you must put it on an accent wall. It is one of the superb small all-white kitchen designs. It will help you add colour; elegance but keep the kitchen looking white. You can choose to colour any part of the wall in your kitchen, even if it is a half-wall. It will serve the purpose for sure.

9. The Hardware Fun

Transforming your kitchen with a minimal budget is possible when you plan to have your hardware. A cool set of knobs, door handles, drawer handles, etc., can help introduce a new look to your kitchen. Figure out the vibe and make your changes accordingly.


All-white kitchens are amazing and leave you a lot of space for experimentation. You can change the whole vibe and look of the kitchen by using the ideas above. Firstly, it is important to decide the kind of design you need for your small kitchen. Then, adding little accessories can accentuate the kitchen design while also making it look bigger and better.

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