King Von Net Worth: How Rich Was The Rapper From Chicago?

Do you want to know about King Von Net Worth, early life and source of income? This article will explain his successful career and the circumstances surrounding his passing. One week after releasing his first official studio album in November 2020, he was shot and died.

About King Von

He was a rising rapper from Chicago who became well-known for his unique look and funny lyrics. But in November 2020, he was fatally shot in Atlanta, tragically ending his life. He had already had a big impact on the rap culture before he passed away at 26. His passing shocked the music industry, and his songs will serve as a memorial to him.

King Von’s Biography

He was born in an eight-person family on August 9, 1994. He was the youngest of six children born to his father, Walter E. Bennett, and his mother, Taesha. His father didn’t lead a life devoid of crime and spent time in and out of jail. When his father was shot and died, he was only 11 years old. In numerous tracks, notably “Exposing Me,” Von has paid tribute to his late father.

He was sentenced to prison at 16 after being found guilty of a crime. ‘Black Disciples’ was the name of the gang he belonged to. Surprisingly, the gang’s founder is King Von Grandfather, David Barksdale and King Dave.

He had several legal problems when he was 19 years old. One count of murder and two charges of attempted murder were filed against him after his arrest. One person was injured, and another was killed in the shooting event.

He had been jailed for three and a half years and served 15 and 14 months in prison, respectively, on two other occasions. He eventually regained his freedom after the jury found him not guilty. 

Wife and Kids

Von once had a long-term relationship with an Asian doll, and he shared a scene with her in the “Grandson” music video in 2019. It is unknown who the parents of the boy and two daughters Von has been reported to have given birth to. 

Professional Life

In 2018, He started his rapping career. The song “War With Us,” which he published in October 2018, was well-received and garnered more than 3 million YouTube views. His best-known songs and albums are Crazy Story, What It’s Like, Problems, Block, Pull Up,  and Beat That Body.

Together with Lil Durk, he released the album “Crazy Story 2.0” in May 2019. It reached its peak at position four on the Bubbling Under Hot 100. He collaborated with Lil Durk in July 2019 to release the single “Like That.” He put out two mixtapes in 2019 and 2020 titled “Levon James” and “Grandson, Vol. 1.” Additionally, he issued “Welcome to O’Block,” his first studio album, in 2020.

Music development with “Crazy Story

Due to his work with Lil Durk, Bennett joined the music label Only the Family. He changed his name to King Von, and in December 2018, he released his debut track, “Crazy Story,” which helped him find fame in the music business. The song has received millions of views on YouTube and reached its high positions of 32 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and 81 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

A follow-up song from Von, “Crazy Story 2.0,” was released in May 2019. A remix of the first track serves as the lead single, including Lil Durk. “Crazy Story 3.0,” a new sequel or remix, was released in September.

What is Von’s cause of death?

He and his group fought with rival rapper Quando Rondo and his group outside the Monaco hookah lounge on November 6, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia. A gunfight broke out when Von began punching Quando Rondo’s men, and he received numerous gunshot wounds.

He was critically ill when he was hospitalized, and later that day, he passed away. At the time, he was 26. Additionally, six individuals were hurt, and two fatalities were reported. Lul Timm, a member of the Quando Rondo team who was detained for killing Von while receiving medical care at the hospital, was one of the hurt.

What Was King Von Net Worth?

He is an American rapper and musician. The estimated King von net worth was $750,000 at his passing. Just one week after releasing his first official studio album, he was killed in November 2020; while still alive, he released two mixtapes.

He released two mixtapes while still alive and appeared in the Memoriam montage at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. His music is still carrying on his legacy.

What Next For Chicago Rapper?

At the 64th Grammy Awards, Bennett appeared in the In Memoriam montage. In August 2021, King Von’s mural was created in Chicago’s Parkway Gardens (where Von was born). The goal was to honor the deceased artist. Chicago residents opposed the painting, claiming it glorified gang violence and would encourage gang-related crime.

What are the Legal Problems he faces in his life?

Von is known for frequently encountering legal problems. In November 2012, he was arrested and imprisoned for illegally owning a weapon. His second arrest occurred less than two years after a shooting that left one person dead and two others hurt in the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood. 

After witnesses chose not to attend court, Von was acquitted of all charges. Lil Durk and Von were taken into custody in June 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, after a shooting and robbery. It was Von’s second encounter with the law, and the two spent some time behind bars before being released on bonds.

Legacy of King Von

The groups of Quando Rondo, an artist, and Von clashed in front of an Atlanta hookah lounge in November 2020. Shots were fired as the situation soon spiraled out of control. Von was taken to the hospital after being shot multiple times, where he later passed suddenly.

Lil Durk dedicated an album named “The Voice” in Von’s honor on Christmas Eve of 2020. Along with Lil Durk, Von appears on the album’s cover and in the song “Still Trappin’.” Chris Devins made a mural in Chicago as another tribute to Von.


The estimated King von net worth is  $750,000. He was a young, brilliant rapper who had the potential to become one of the best in the business. Unfortunately, he passed away just as his musical career reached its peak. 


What is the real name of King Von?

He is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois, whose full name is Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was born on August 9, 1994.

What is the estimated King Von net worth?

His estimated net worth is $750,000.

What are King Von Album sales?

The rapper album has 59,000 equivalent album units at its release, with 55,000 coming from streaming (79.06 million on-demand song streams), 4,000 from album sales, and the remaining from tracks.

How tall is King Von?

King Von height is 5 ft 10 in (1.8m).

How much money does he make annually?

He receives $550,000 annually from a variety of sources.

When is King von’s birthday?

He celebrated his birthday on August 9, 1994.

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