Ken Block Net Worth: Famous Professional Rally Driver

One of the most Trending topics on the internet is Ken Block Net Worth. He was a wealthy businessman who co-owned several firms in addition to rallying. Some people are interested in learning about Ken Block’s personal life.

In this article, you will learn about his professional and personal life, including his biography, career, family, death, cause of death, television appearances, and the lives of his sister, parents, and wife.

Who is Ken Block?

He was a professional driver who was born on November 21, 1967. He lived in the United States and has never disclosed information about his parents and siblings. Ken Block adored drawing as a child and aspired to become an architect. Skateboarding and riding dirt bikes were among the extreme sports that Ken Block loved to engage in. He had the means to pursue both passions because he was raised in California.

In addition to producing the well-known video series, he was a well-known rally driver who also participated in other activities, including snowboarding and ATV. Ken Block and Audi also collaborated to produce stunt footage using the electric Audi and Porsche race vehicles.

Ken Block Biography 

Ken Block was raised in a motorsports-loving household where his father competed professionally. Block’s love of racing originated at an early age, and while still in college, he began participating in regional rally competitions.

Block and his friend Damon Way launched the famous skateboarding and lifestyle company DC Shoes in 2005. Block immediately became well-known in the rally world after using his business success with DC Shoes to finance his career as a rally driver.

Block’s intense and exact commitment to the sport defines his driving style. His accomplishments include winning various titles, including the Rally America championship in 2006, 2007, and 2008. He has participated in numerous rallies all around the world.

Real NameKenneth Paul Block
ProfessionAmerican Rally Driver
Date of BirthNovember 21, 1967
Age55 years old
BirthplaceLong Beach, California, United States
Height6 feet
Weight(190 lbs) 84 kg

In addition to his work in rallies, Block is well-known for his Gymkhana video series, which features several high-speed stunts and drifts that highlight his driving prowess. Millions of people have watched the films online, and Block is now well-known in the automobile industry.


In 2005, Ken Block started his career in rallying and was honored as RAC’s Rookie of the Year. Ken Block participated in the WRC and took home multiple medals for rallycross. He participated in the 2007 X Games rally competition, placing second overall and winning a silver medal. Then he appeared on the automobile program Top Gear. Ken Block recorded the popular YouTube video Gymkhana 2.

He finished third in the FIA World Rallycross Championship round in Norway and first in the European Rallycross Championship in 2014 and decided to devote his full attention to the World Rallycross Championship in 2016. Regarding points, Ken Block came in ninth place in 2017, with peak finishes of seventh in Britain and France.

Personal Life

On July 10, 2004, rally driver Ken Block and Lucy Block became husband and wife. They were together for a very long period before being married. The couple lived together for fifteen years, and his wife has participated in rally races with her husband.

His daughter Lia Block, who is 16 years old, is one of their three daughters. Ken Block planned a race with his wife, kids, and other family members so that they could participate in sports. Ken Block always kept his wife and children’s privacy secure.

How did he become famous?

In 2005, the Vermont SportsCar team welcomed Ken Block to the racing world. Later, he participated in the 2006 Rally America National Championship, where he came in second place overall. Block won eight overall rally event championships and 19 podiums by the end of 2007. 

Block broke John Buffum’s previous record by winning the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood for the fifth time straight on February 27, 2010, after coming in second place in the 2008 Rally America National Championship.

Block and his co-driver, Alex Gelsomino, were rushed to the hospital after rolling their Ford Fiesta during the 2011 Rally de Portugal shakedown stage. Later, a Monster World Rally team spokesperson confirmed that both individuals were fine. 

Block had his best-ever seventh-place performance at the Mexican Rally in 2013, placing him in the top ten and earning him his first six championship points. Block has also participated in other action sports and competed in motocross, skateboarding, and snowboarding events.

Block moved his attention to Hoonigan Industries, an apparel company for auto enthusiasts, after relinquishing his ownership of DC Shoes. He was a co-owner and “Head Hoonigan In Charge” of the business before he passed away.

After 11 years of service, Hoonigan Racing Division and Ford Performance announced their departure in January 2021. Block made his return to Subaru official in April of the same year. Block said in September that he collaborated with Audi to create electrified vehicles.

What is Ken Block Net Worth?

In 2012, Ken Block was said to be worth $200 million, but by 2023, his fortune had reportedly decreased by as much as half. About $200 million is his estimated net worth, and he has at least two sizable homes and a sizable automobile collection. 

Ken Block has a house in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and his primary one in Park City, Utah. His career in rallying and the two businesses he co-owned, DC Shoes and motor clothing company Hoonigan Industries, were the main sources of his riches. 

Additionally, viewers are already interested in getting to know him, but suddenly, everyone is searching for Ken Block Death. Ken Block’s death news has taken over the entire social network. 

How he amassed his $200 million net worth?

Ken Block has amassed a fortune by being a brilliant businessman and pursuing all of his interests! In an interview with the Economic Times, Ken claimed that he detested the industry since it requires years of experience to succeed. Consequently, he decided to try skiing in Colorado and resigned from his drafting job, and Ken failed, so he returned to California.

He discovered his affinity for business and adventure sports during this period. Ken began creating gear for sporting goods outlets frequented by professional sportsmen. Soon after, Block opened his first company in his hometown. 

Founder of clothing line and DC shoes

Ken met Damon Way during a community class, and the two quickly grew close. They launched several start-ups, including Blunt Magazine, Eightball Clothing, Type A Snowboards, and Droors Clothing. In 1993, Ken and Damon opened DC Shoes in their garage (it had previously been Droors Clothing). 

Today’s most outrageous automobiles and trucks can be found at Block’s garage, and Droors ceased to exist. The history of DC Shoes is also distinctive. He needed 10,000 to start his business, and after many conversations, Ken’s parents agreed to offer him the amount. 

With time, it became the top position of sportswear manufacturer worldwide. His company generated $1.5M in sales in its first year, and DC Shoes reached $7M in sales in under 2 years in 1995. The company was generating $100M annually by 2003. 

After that, Quicksilver bought it for $87M, and the business earned $1B. Block’s wealth was mostly derived from selling DC Shoes, and he continued to serve as the company’s brand vision leader even after leaving.

Professional Rally Driving

Block kept going even after he had success. He developed a passion for dirt racing and rallying, and as a professional rally driver, he worked with Subaru and later Ford. Block finished in the top five times during his rallying career. He was named Rally America Rookie of the Year by the end of his rookie season. 

In an interview, Block said he had been riding dirt bikes for a long time before beginning his rallying career. He joined Rally America at this time as a rally racer. Block used social media to promote his racing career rather than leaving it up to chance, increasing his net worth.

Hoonigan industries

Block started his auto enthusiast lifestyle brand, Hoonigan Industries, as a motorsport business. He founded Hoonigan Racing Division, his rally squad, at the beginning of 2010. Hoonigan Media Machine, another lucrative offshoot of HRD, was established to produce entertaining content and specialized videos for the fans. 

The Gymkhana Files, a viral series, included the racing team’s extreme feats, inner peculiarities, how-to films, and Block’s distinctive donuts. It began as a trial run and practice session on a Gymkhana race track, but Block quickly saw its potential and turned it into a full-fledged series. The Gymkhana series by Ken Block is fairly little known.

Block started his auto enthusiast lifestyle brand, Hoonigan Industries, as a motorsport business. He founded Hoonigan Racing Division, his rally squad, at the beginning of 2010. Hoonigan Media Machine, another lucrative offshoot of HRD, was created to produce entertaining content, particularly videos for the fans. 

The Gymkhana Files, a viral series, included the racing team’s extreme feats, inner peculiarities, how-to films, and Block’s distinctive donuts. On a Gymkhana race track, it began as an experimental ride and practice session, but Block quickly saw its potential and created a full-fledged series out of it. This is one of the little-known truths of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series.

Ken Block Kids

Ken and Lucy have three children together, all daughters. Since she was 11, their eldest child, Lia, now 16, has raced for her father’s Hoonigan Racing team. Their two additional children’s names and ages have been kept a secret.

Death News of Ken Block

In a snowmobile accident near his ranch in Woodland, Utah, on January 2, 2023, At the age of 55, he lost his life. According to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department, Block was riding in the Milly Hollow area when his snowmobile overturned on a steep slope and fell on top of him.

Ken Block Achievement and Award

These are just a few of Ken Block’s many accomplishments and honors during his career. He has had a tremendous impact on the auto and action sports sectors and is largely considered one of his period’s most influential and successful rally drivers. Here are some of the most popular Awards which is listed below:

  • From 2006 to 2008, he won Three-time Rally America champion
  • In 2006 Ken won a Silver medal in the X Games rally 
  • In 2007 he won a Bronze medal in the X Games rally 
  • In the year 2008, he won a Gold medal in the X Games rally 
  • In 2007 Fourth place in the World Rally Championship debut
  • In 2010 he achieved Fifth place in World Rally Championship 
  • Founder and co-owner of DC Shoes
  • Creator of the Gymkhana video series, which has millions of views on YouTube and other platforms
  • In 2008 ESPN named Ken Block as one of the “50 most influential people in action sports.”
  • In 2018 SEMA Show gave them an award of “Lifetime Achievement Award.”


An American professional rally driver and businessman Ken Block Net Worth is $200 Million. As a founding member of DC Shoes, Ken Block amassed riches and was additionally the business’s Chief Brand Officer. Ken Block sold his interest in DC Shoes and switched his attention to Hoonigan Industries, a clothing manufacturer for motorsports enthusiasts.


Who owns Hoonigan?

Ken Block owns Hoonigan.

How did Ken Block make his money?

Block turned his business attention to Hoonigan Industries, an auto-fans apparel line, after surrendering his stake in DC Shoes. Before being killed in a snowmobile accident in January 2023, he was the company’s co-owner and “Head Hoonigan In Charge” (HHIC).

When did Ken Block die?

He died on January 2, 2023.

What did Ken Block do before racing?

Before joining the Rally, Block was a prosperous businessman and general action sports enthusiast. In 1994, he co-founded the skateboarding apparel business DC Shoes, and in 2005, the business funded his first automobile. Thanks to his friend Travis Pastrana, he decided to give racing a shot at almost 40.

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