Keep Your Baby Safe, Even As She Sleeps

Ensuring the safety of a sleeping infant is very important, especially during her first several months. This is why experts advise new parents to watch their babies’ sleeping positions to avoid any untoward incidents.

Baby health experts would agree that sleeping on her back is your baby’s ideal sleeping position. To keep your baby safe during her sleep, make sure that she is on her back not on her stomach when you lay her down for bedtime. Studies indicate that most babies who die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS are those who were lying on their tummies.

Furthermore, to keep your sleeping infant safe, make sure that:

  • You keep her from rolling. Do not lay your baby down on her sides to prevent her from rolling over.
  • Her bedding is clean. And make sure that there are no toys or other object inside the crib before you lay her down. This will keep her from grabbing and choking on these items as soon as she wakes up.
  • Your baby’s face and head are not covered when she is asleep. Do not use pillows, she doesn’t need it to sleep comfortably. Although it rarely happens, pillows can suffocate sleeping infants.

Remember that keeping your baby safe while sleeping is as important as watching over her when she is awake.

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