Julie Cristie Neal – Biography & Net Worth 2024

Julie Cristie Neal deserves at least a share of the success of the Steel Buddies, a very cool and fun series on DMAX. Michael Manousakis and his steel companions do an excellent job, but Julie crowns one or two series episodes. Julie Cristie Neal and the Steel Buddies are a group of friends looking to have a good time. Julie Cristie Neal net worth is estimated at €200,000.

Family, education, and work are important aspects of life. The 41-year-old American’s birth year is unknown, but she is expected to celebrate her birthday on December 12. Her full name is Julie Cristiebaron Neal, and she lives in Crossville, Texas, with her husband, Ron Neal, and their children. She owns US Exporters LLC, an import and export company specializing in heavy or bulky goods.

How is Julie Cristie Neal in person?

Morlock Motors has been her employer since 2016. She has been managing the export activities of this firm in the USA for four years. Julie Cristie Neal always has a grin on her face! Not only the customers but also the viewers at home in front of the television are enchanted by the young lady. She draws everyone’s attention to steel buddies.

This Steel Buddies lady is more than capable of dealing with the boys; she has them wrapped around her fingers. No one takes it amiss when she spits many swear words with a smile. Despite her relaxed nature, she knows how to assert herself with the Steel Buddies. In the meantime, she has brought some new products onto the market, such as clothing, which she naturally sends to Germany and sells there. Her fan shop sells t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and overalls. This, of course, increases the financial resources of this group.

Steel Buddy: Mythology, History, and Fun

You may have thought about joining the ranks of Steel Buddy fans as the youngsters rave about The Blue Man Group, a well-known TV show with a huge following. Although the program is not very old, it has gained some attention due to its appeal among young adults and teenagers. If you’re wondering how this squad came about, you can thank Michael Manousakis and his son Cole Manousakis for starting it and helping keep it alive. These two guys have always had significant military interests and never intended to start a company dedicated to promoting troops and their traditions.

When Manousakis discovered German troops wearing insignia on their chests with the initials HMR crossed out, the term Steel Buddy came to mind. As tensions between the two countries grew, the team decided it would be a good idea to adopt this famous mark as a trademark for a match that could be played between the two countries. This led to the formation of multiple teams across Europe, each with a different name but very similar themes to the original idea of ​​a friendly rivalry. This laid the foundation for Steel Buddy as we know it today.

Steel Buddies Game

Steel Buddies is the ideal game for children from the age of three and anyone interested in military action or civil wars, thanks to its unique combination of strategy, story, and gameplay. Steel Buddies not only uses metal to craft the game but also includes all the necessary components to play. Each player receives an army-style plastic base, six painted figures, and a dice face with a voice and unique words that can be personalized. Players can make their friendships by choosing the best warriors to fight against their opponents, as each character has its weapon. Players can also design their HQ using the game’s default buildings and facilities or choose from pre-built ones available for purchase. 

Julie Cristie Neal as a Model and Actress

Unfortunately, nothing is known about her personal life, including her date of birth and other details. However, you can follow Julie Cristie Neal on Instagram, where she maintains an account. She also shares many of her experiences with the Steel Buddies on her page. Julie Cristie Neal has a large following due to her work with Morlock Motors. Julie’s use of social media also benefits Steel Buddies as the Buddies can communicate with their followers and invite them to their activities.


It is sure that as the number of admirers and knowledge of the beautiful American grows, you will receive more and more information about Julie Cristie Neal. Until then, Steel Buddies will be available on DMAX. This show has become so popular that it is now televised in significant parts of Asia, including Russia and Japan. This led to the series being dubbed. Furthermore, you can read out this article Faith +Hill to know more about her lifestyle.

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