Josco Energy – Tips For Saving Business Energy

  1. Get your staff involved

At Josco Energy we recommend getting staff involved with an incentive. A good example is one company who ran a monthly competition to help encourage staff to submit energy cost-saving and conversation ideas. It resulted in the caving of 100 tons of carbon – which is enough to fill up 21 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

  1. Know what you are paying for

Make sure you thoroughly understand your bill to gain a better perspective on your energy spending and consumption. Taking meter readings on a regular basis is also worth doing.

Once you have a good idea of what your usage is, you can then identify what needs to be done in order to reduce it. for instance, if you notice an increase in consumption during the winter, consider options like better insulation and a heating system that is more efficient.

  1. Start out small

Saving energy in your office doesn’t need to involve anything that is overly expensive or dramatic. There are simple things that can be done that can save you thousands of dollars every year.

  1. Perform an audit to increase your energy savings

To cut your costs even more, performing an audit may be the answer. It can range from doing your own desktop analysis to having an engineer or another third party conduct a full review and providing recommendations.

  1. Consider which energy solutions best fit your business

We offer a number of different energy solutions. They are all designed to help you reduce your energy consumption along with the associated expenses. Energy Storage, for example, can help you earn revenue and protect you against grid disruption. Demand Side Response may reduce the amount of power that you consume when there is high market demand (which saves you money), and at the same time generate revenue.

Those are 5 simple things that you can do to save on your energy costs, including ones we have implemented successfully. The following are some of the other changes we are making, along with others for the future.

We had new LEDs installed; each of them consumes 200W less electricity compared to the old fluorescent lights that we had been using.

We have a new Electric Vehicle (EV) that is going to reduce how much carbon we generate while on our business trips. It helps the planet and is in line with our company’s sustainability targets.

We are having solar panels us installed on our roof. That will allow us to use energy that we generate ourselves, and allow us to reduce our reliance on the grid and our costs.

We will also be installing an energy storage unit that will help with powering our EV charging points and offices.

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