Joe Cianciotto – Why This Could Be a Great Time To Launch Your Business

This year has been absolutely crazy and one and unfortunately for many businesses they have been forced to close their doors as a result of the pandemic and the lockdown which followed. You may think that this then would be the worst possible time for you to launch that business which you have always dreamed of but the reality is that this may in fact be the very best time to do so. Business guru Joe Cianciotto has some ambitious ideas and he has been talking recently about just how big a chance this is for anyone who wants to launch a business, and here is why.


The fact that man companies have gone out of business means that there is likely to be many options ahead of you in terms of premises to set up shop. If you are looking at having a physical business then this could certainly present the perfect opportunity for you. It isn’t always easy to get prime locations, now it just may be.


These departing businesses had market share and the fact that there are less of them means that you will have a great chance of eating up some of that market share. This could very easily give you a shortcut to the marketplace which you wouldn’t usually have and that is something which is very rare indeed. If you launch in the right place and in the right way then you can very quickly take hold of that market share.

Kitting Out

Kitting out your business is also going to be easier than ever before because you are going to be able to grab a lot of stuff second hand from businesses which are having to shut up shop. Again this is going to be a greta opportunity for you to save money and for you to quickly launch your business and get things up and running in no time at all.


Around the world there are nations which are absolutely desperate to get things up and running, and given that many businesses have been forced to close their doors, there is a chasm which needs to be filled in order for the economy to start booming. You and your business could very well take advantage of the fact that there is such a desperate need for this.

It may sound slightly immoral to think about taking advantage of the fact that all of these businesses have closed their doors, but the reality is that you didn’t close those businesses and it is of no fault of yours that it happened. Taking an opportunity when it presents itself in this way is exactly what smart business is all about. In fact if you think about it, you could be doing many businesses a favor in buying their old stock, you could be helping landlords in filling premises and you will certainly be helping customers in opening yourself up for them.

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