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We wake up to new technologies each day with new capabilities of doing things we didn’t expect. Parents have, over time faced challenges seeing what their children are doing with their smartphones remotely. With the introduction of spy tools, it’s now an easy and straightforward process. However, there are many scam spy tools that will drain the money out of your pockets and still offer unreliable services. For that reason, I have reviewed one of the most popular android and iOS phone tracking software, JJSPY, so as to determine whether it’s dependable and worth your money.

How much will I pay for the JJSPY tool?

You’re required to pay $49.99 every month to get access to all the tracking and monitoring features.

What happens after purchasing JJSPY?

Immediately you sign up and submit the complete payments; you should head directly to your email. You will receive an email after your payment is processed and approved. This email will directly take you to the download link where you will click to download the JJSPY tool. If you haven’t received the mail within a few minutes, it’s important to check your spam folder. If the email is not in your spam folder, you can contact the JJSPY customer service for further assistance. The link sent on the email is also to particularly help you log into your control panel and open the installation Wizard to set the application.

JJSPY iOS features

Track an iPhone remotely without any Jailbreak, and get access to over 20 monitoring features. Here are some of the features of this app.

  • SMS and iMessage-This is a reliable app to monitor text messages on your kid’s cell phones
  • Call History-Get access to call log to determine who they’re talking to in real-time
  • Whatsapp-Know all that is happening on Mobile social applications, including WhatsApp and Messenger.
  • Browser History-Know what the child is browsing and the content of their internet access.

Other features

  • Location monitoring
  • Contacts access
  • Voice Memos
  • Get access to installed apps
  • Calendars and more

How to install JJSPY on iPhone

The main selling point for JJSPY is that it works perfectly fine for iOS and android phones. To track an iPhone using JJSPY, you will be required to install the app directly to the target iPhone. This will only work if it has 2-step authentication enabled. Otherwise, the JJSPY app will be linked to the iPhone through iCloud. What you have to do is to input iCloud login details in your control panel, and the software will be authenticated automatically.

JJSPY android features

Tracking an Android phone is a very easy process with JJSPY. Before you decide to buy and download the tool, you should, first of all, learn about the android features to expect. Some of these features include:

  • Live Cam streaming-This helps you get a gist of what is happening in the background where the kid or the target individual is.
  • Live screen streaming
  • Live surrounding microphone-It’s also easy to activate the live surround mic to listen to the phone’s surrounding.
  • App Messaging Timeline-You can remotely get access to and record app messages.
  • Take screenshots remotely-With this android cell phone tracker; you can take pictures remotely.
  • Calls monitoring-You can access the call log and see who the target person is talking to in real-time. In case of any threats, it’s also easy to block some calls and messages.
  • SMS monitoring-It’s easy to know who the person is messaging and, most importantly, what is the content of the messages.
  • GPS location tracking-You probably want to know where your kid is in real-time. For that reason, JJSPY has given you the ability to track the location of the target individual in real-time.
  • Internet activities-It’s very easy to know what your son/daughter is doing on the internet. If you feel like the content they are exposed to is not right, you can block some of the websites.

Installing JJSPY on android Phone

Tracking android phones is very easy and straightforward. The first thing to do is to use your login credentials and log in to your Control panel. These credentials will be sent to you via email. After that, follow the instructions that are provided in the Installation Wizard. You may have to root the android to access some premium features for the people that don’t know how rooting works, its free to get in touch with the customer care for help.

Buy the JJSPY tool from the company’s website. You get an email confirmation with all the other instructions. Initiate the installation process and eventually start tracking.

JJSPY customer support review

Every parent wants to partner with a spy company that will make it very easy to raise and solve technical issues with the application and other things. For that reason, I decided to check the JJSPY technical support and establish whether they are reliable or not.

In case you have any additional questions, queries, or face any technical issue with the tool, you can directly contact the JJSPY support team. The support team is more than ready to help you out and solve any problems you encounter. I realized that the JJSPY technical team is approachable through several levels.

Default support-This is free assistance via email and free chats. You can reach the company through email: [email protected].

Phone support-In case you need instant help, you can also opt for the paid phone support. The good thing with this method is that you will talk to a real customer support representative, and hence it’s easier to explain every detail of your issue.

Paid VIP support-You can choose instant support through the paid VIP support that gives you technical support with device rooting, configuration through the Team Viewer, and app installation.

Can I track my Kid’s Phone?

Yes, today, it’s straightforward to know whatever your children are doing with their smartphones.  JJSPY is one of the best kid’s phone monitoring tools with the ability to monitor almost everything from the browser history, call logs, messages https://www.jjspy.com/cellphone-monitor/read-boyfriends-text-messages/ , apps including Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and most importantly, the child’s real-time location. The most important thing with JJSPY is that you can easily set remote restrictions on apps or even web pages. You also can listen or block unwanted calls and messages remotely.

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