Is Your Background Check Provider Certified?

You conduct background checks on all new hires because you understand what it takes to create and maintain a safe workplace for your employees and customers. Using a background check provider that’s accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) is what it takes to ensure your organization is getting the highest quality background screening services. Learn more about Certified Background Check Provider at Here’s why:


When it comes to conducting reliable background checks, compliance is a huge issue. The laws governing personal consumer information collection, use, and storage are complicated and ever-changing. Unless you’re making following those laws a full-time job, it will be very difficult to comply. PBSA accredited agencies know the laws and ensure their clients are fully compliant every step of the way. They carefully adhere to all EEOC and FCRA regulations and provide tools and services that make compliance a seamless part of the process.


Beyond compliance, PBSA accredited agencies provide CRA background screening services that conform to the highest ethical standard in the industry, and they actively promote those standards with peers and clients alike. This includes operating with an awareness of the importance of consumer rights and protections.

International Services

In today’s marketplace, people move freely around the world. It’s not uncommon for employers to encounter candidates who have lived, worked, or studied outside the United States. In addition, with the increasing preponderance of remote work, it’s also becoming common for US employers to actually employ people who live and work outside the US borders. PBSA screening agencies have the experience and global reach necessary to conduct reliable and thorough screens across the globe.

Best Practices

PBSA accredited firms use best practices and best-in-class policies regarding documentation and procedures. To earn accreditation, all the agencies’ practices must be thoroughly documented and reviewed. Continuing education programs and regular audits keep these agencies operating at the latest standards.


One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a PBSA accredited CRA is their commitment to data security. Personal information such as social security numbers, criminal record histories, and birth dates are protected by multiple layers of security, so your organization never needs to be worried about getting caught up in a security breach.

A High Bar

PBSA accreditation represents a high bar for CRAs. Qualifying organizations must earn, prove, and maintain their accreditation. These companies operate at the highest standards and demonstrate their commitment to exceptional work every day on every screen they conduct. Don’t trust your screens to anything less.

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