Is It Okay to Buy Old Rental Cars?

There are plenty of ways to reduce the cost when buying a car. Choosing rental cars is one of them. Some rental companies are willing to dispose of some units if there are potential buyers. Are they worth the price?

Lower than market value

The primary selling point of rental cars is that they’re cheaper than the average market value. Rental companies already made plenty of money renting out the vehicle. They don’t care if the transaction only leads to a small profit. If you’re looking for a really cheap option, a rental card might work for you.

Loans and installment payments are available

Another way to get these cars at a low price is by looking for an installment plan. Pre-approved loans will help you get these used cars at an even lower price. Check if installment payments are available and read the terms. If this option helps further reduce the price, it would be worth pursuing.

The downsides

Although you can save more money buying rental cars, there are a few downsides that come with it. High mileage is one of them. On average, the cars hit the road for about 13,500 miles a year. Even the newer models for sale also have the same average annual mileage. It leads to another issue, which is wear and tear. Due to the constant use of the car, you can expect more repair issues. Regularly used vehicles will end up with more wear and tear than non-rental cars.

The advantage

Apart from the low price, another selling point of car rentals is regular maintenance. Since car rental owners have to secure the safety of their clients, the car undergoes regular maintenance. Clients wouldn’t drive the vehicle unless there’s a guarantee that it works perfectly. Before and after the rental period, maintenance is carried out. You can check the history report of the vehicle to know how good the maintenance record is.

What’s the right choice?

Used cars are generally an excellent choice for people who don’t want to spend a lot. You’re not after all the modern features anyway. You only want to drive a car for work and other purposes. You don’t need the fanciest model out there. Given the low price and top quality of some used cars, they’re worth buying. If you look at dealerships in Utah, you will see tons of great options.

Although rental cars are used cars, they fall under a different category. These cars spent more time on the road and might have several issues. It doesn’t mean you have to write rental vehicles off. If you can find one that looks good and is cheap enough, you can take it. You have to spend more time researching the vehicle before deciding to accept it. Take the car out on a test drive and ask a mechanic to inspect it before accepting it. If the car is good enough, and you think it’s still roadworthy for the next few years, you can close the deal.

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