Is it Better to Manually Calculate Home Loan EMIs or Use a Home Loan EMI Calculator? Find Out Here!

With property rates being so expensive, it becomes very difficult to purchase a house without any financial assistance. This is why most homebuyers rely on home loans to get the required funds for buying a house. A home loan does not cover the entire cost of buying a house; however, it can cover up to 80-90% of the property value. This gives the buyer a huge financial boost. Generally, financial institutions offer up to 20 years for repaying the housing loan in monthly instalments.

However, before you apply for a home loan, it is necessary to be ready with a repayment plan. This is to ensure that there are no problems in clearing the loan on time without any delays. To be ready with this plan, it is advisable to use a home loan EMI calculator. This calculator is an online tool that will display the loan’s monthly instalments beforehand. You can also manually calculate the loan’s EMIs, however, using a calculator is considered to be a much better alternative.

Let us find out why using a home loan EMI calculator is considered ideal before applying for a loan:

The calculator helps in getting accurate results

While manually calculating your home loan EMI payments, it is quite natural to make mistakes. These mistakes can cause problems in the repayment of the loan. This is why using a home loan EMI calculator is considered to be a much safer option. Since the calculator is a digital tool, the results are accurate without any human errors to be wary of. Plus, it is much less time-consuming. The calculator provides the results in just a matter of seconds.

You can get a sound financial plan with the help of this calculator

It is not possible to be ready with an effective financial plan if you are not aware of the loan’s monthly instalments. Using a home loan EMI calculator can help solve this problem. After providing the information that the calculator needs, it will display the monthly instalments of the home loan based on the details received. After looking at the results, you can then decide whether the loan plan suits your budget.

It is possible to try out multiple variations

A home loan EMI calculator does not have any limits on the number of times it can be used. You can keep making changes to the details regarding the loan amount, repayment tenure, and interest rate to arrive at an EMI value that is suitable. Trying out multiple variations can make sure that you find a plan that is convenient to your budget. Most lenders make this calculator accessible on their official websites, and anyone can use it for free.

After reading about the benefits that a home loan calculator can bring, it makes sense to use one before applying for a loan. You can then decide whether to go ahead with the loan or look for a better option.

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