Is Employee Health an Employer’s Responsibility? UAB Kilo Grupe’s B2B Program Suggests So

From its inception, UAB Kilo Grupe has been about keeping real people healthy, reducing disease risks, and maintaining wellness for everyone. The Kilo Grupe B2B Program is an innovative new way to help employers keep their employees in the best health possible.

But, is employee health an employer’s responsibility and how can employers benefit from UAB Kilo Grupe’s B2B Program?

Employee Health: Where Does the Responsibility Lie?

When it comes to our health; who is ultimately responsible? Is it us, or is it our employers? Many people may assume that health is a personal problem and should be dealt with as part of our personal lives, but why should employers take an interest in their employees’ health?

Research published in Sage stresses the importance of employee health for productivity, and further research in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia concurs and elucidates the benefits of investing in an integrated approach to employee health to limit business costs, boost productivity, and reduce safety risks.

So, while the default is to suggest that employees should be responsible for their own health, more and more research is shedding light on the benefits and importance of employers’ participation in employee health and wellness.

But how can employers play a bigger role in their employees’ health? UAB Kilo Grupe has the answer.

The Benefits of UAB Kilo Grupe’s B2B Program for Employers

UAB Kilo Grupe B2B Program, Kilo Health for Business, offers digital and on-demand healthcare for employees to help them avoid long waiting lists and take preventative measures to encourage long-term health and well-being.

There are a number of different avenues that the program takes, including apps for diabetes management, weight loss, mental health, and heart health management. Each app offers a range of expertly curated activities, tracking tools, and educational content that employees can use to improve health and achieve long-term wellness.

But how does this program benefit you as an employer?

Well, to begin with, research from Mercer showed that many employees felt more supported and energized, and were less likely to leave their jobs if healthcare, including insurance coverage and subsidized programs, were offered.

Secondly, better health means happier employees, and, as research published in the International Journal of Environmental and Public Health showed, happier employees tend to want to come to work, are happier and more productive while they are there, have better performance records over time, and can help to boost morale in the workplace.

Lastly, a scheme like UAB Kilo Grupe’s B2B Program shows your employees that you actually care. Companies that are seen to care about their employees attract more applicants and have better employee retention. Essentially, employees want to be cared about!

Final Thoughts

UAB Kilo Grupe offers an array of ways for employees to show they care through their B2B Program, and they offer demos to any prospective participants. As an industry leader in digital health and wellness, this program could offer employees a new way to consider their health and improve how they feel with fantastic apps that actually work.

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